Taco and Burrito Guide Pt. 7 – Boston

We are back again for another edition of your burrito and taco guide. In this round, we are featuring some of the most “hole-in-the-wall” holes-in-the-wall that we have ever been to.

Taquería y Pupusería Cancún

This is not to be confused with “La Cancun” down the street (which is average AF). Taquería y Pupusería Cancún is dishing out premium tacos and pupusas. Everything here is homemade and they aren’t taking any shortcuts.

The pupusas go from batter to grill to your plate. No reheating, and no pre-prep. This is as fresh as it gets. If you can’t decide which of the many pupusas to get, then the pupusa loca is the one for you. Twice the size of a normal pupusa, it is a beast that has the fillings of all the other pupusas in one.

The tacos here are simple yet delicious. Featuring two corn tortillas, meat, cilantro, and diced onions with a side of lime, they are authentic as it comes. The al pastor was nice and charred with that sweet pineapple finish to it.

For no-frills with real flavors you have to check out Taquería y Pupusería Cancún

Teresa’s Market

One word: guacamolillo.

This is a delicious combination of guacamole and tomatillo sauce. The guacamolillo sauce here is absolute fire. You get the creaminess of guac along with the sweet and saltiness of tomatillo for a match made in heaven. They do not hold back on it either. Teresa’s smothers their tacos in this magical sauce. When you are walking by you might mistake this spot as a local bodega (and you would not be wrong, you can go for a quick grocery run here), but if you aren’t stopping for some tacos then you are making a huge mistake.

The pupusas and empanadas here are also great for a quick bite on the go.

Tita’s Kitchen

Another hole-in-the-wall gem, this spot is right across from one of our favorite spots to grab a marg. Waltham is filled with some of our favorite Hispanic food near Boston, and Tita’s Kitchen is no exception.

The carnitas here are super crispy, and just like the tacos at Cancun– they are simple, yet authentic. The salsa here is the real winner though. It is super fresh, with a slight kick to it.

Tita’s Kitchen is the ideal spot for a quick taco or two when you are on the go.

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