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As the weather starts to warm up, one of the best places in the area to explore is East Boston. The views of the city skyline can’t be beat, and the diversity of food and drink is second to none. Looking to plan a killer date night? Feel free to use our guide so you can make extra sure you have a good night. 

Downeast Cider House

There’s no better way to start a date night than with a flight of drinks. Downeast is everything we love from the old brewery scene. It is no-frills and you are drinking the cider right next to the equipment that is used to brew it. For some reason, it just tastes better when you can see them brewing it.

During the summer, they open up a patio in the front as well. You have probably seen the classic Downeast cider out at bars or liquor stores, but here you will get to try some of their special small batch ciders that are not getting mass distributed. Right by the water, this is a perfect starting spot to catch a buzz while trying some of their seasonal specialties.

Cunard Tavern

After having a few rounds at Downeast, it’s a just a short walk down to Cunard for dinner!

There are so many reasons why we love Cunard Tavern, it’s hard to choose where to start! The food at Cunard’s is creative and always changing with the seasons. This means they are using ingredients that are fresh for the current time of year, and you never know what new surprise the menu will have when you visit.

Cunard is also one of the many great restaurants that takes the beer game seriously. They are constantly getting awesome beers from all across the U.S. on tap. We are constantly checking their tap list to see what rare treats they get in. On top of that, they host a monthly beer dinner where they partner with a brewery to have a multi-course beer and food pairing. And to make things even better they have an awesome rooftop on which to enjoy those warm summer nights.

A couple of our go-to’s at Cunard are the grilled octopus, any burger, and their mixed fry poutine. The grilled octopus melts in your mouth and is drizzled with a homemade pesto that packs tons of flavor. The burgers at Cunard are fat AF, and they cook them to a perfect medium rare so you get juices and flavor dripping from every bite. And, as self-proclaimed poutine enthusiasts,┬átheir mix fry poutine gets 5 out of 5 maple leaves for us. The sweet potatoes and classic french fry pairing with bacon on top elevates this poutine above your average one.

La Hacienda

After dinner, there is no better way to end the night than with a strong margarita. La Hacienda is our favorite spot in Eastie for that.

Come for the margs, but stay for the espresso martinis. Yup. You heard us right. We love espresso martinis here!

Don’t get suckered into paying $18 in the North End for one of these. At La Hacienda, they are twice the size, much cheaper, and just as good. They also have one of our sneaky favorite taco varieties, the spicy shrimp tacos. The shrimp is covered in a spicy, creamy sauce and these make a great snack if you still have a little room left after Cunard.

And That’s Our East Boston Food and Drink Guide!

We hope you enjoyed this date night guide, in which you get to taste a little bit of everything that Eastie has to offer!

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