Sub and Grinder Guide – Boston

ma magoos meatball sub

There is something about a good sub that just hits different. When we are craving a meatball grinder, Subway just doesn’t cut it. There are loads of spots to grab a good sub around the city and this will be our first of many sub guides. Here are some of our fav’s:

Ma Magoo’s

This “mom and pop” shop is the type of the hole-in-the-wall spot we love. No frills here. They are all business and let the food do the talking. The homemade meatball sub is a must-try. They stuff it to the brim with meat and cheese, and sauce explodes out of every bite. The cheese pull here is ridiculous. Each bite has melty provolone dripping from it. The chicken tenders here are super crispy, which makes their buffalo tender sub another crowd pleaser. They put so much chicken in it you can barely close the bread. No matter what you get at Ma Magoo’s, you know they are making it fresh. And that’s what we like to hear.

Big Daddy’s

Big Daddy’s is a “jack of all trades.” This is your classic neighborhood sandwich and pizza shop. When you don’t want to cook, Big Daddy’s is that go-to spot where you can play the hits. Don’t be fooled by the storefront sign. It may say “Open Late” but it closes at 9 PM. The steak tips sub as the way to go here. Juicy steak tips with onions, mushrooms, and peppers oh my…

The pizza here is also your classic “American style.” We like to call it “football pizza,” if you will. It has plenty of cheese, a good sauce, and doughy crust. To go along with the other football-themed food, they also crush the game when it comes to mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and all of the other munchies of that sort.

The Brookline Pizza Spa

No, you can’t get a sub and a facial here. But, what you can get are banging subs and fresh slices of pizza. This cornerstone of Brookline has been dishing out the goods since the 1960’s. You better bring your appetite because at The Spa the subs are long, and the slices are bigger than your face. Our go-to here is the chicken parm. This sub is “lost in the sauce,” as it’s oozing homemade marinara which drenches the crispy breaded chicken. The pizzas here have a crispy crust and that New York flop to them.

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