Salem Guide Part 2 – Boston

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You’ll see witches in Salem year-round, but Halloween in Salem is a completely different beast. The streets are flooded from people all around the world looking for a spooky time. After you are done with the ghost tours and witch museums we have you covered for some local spots to eat and drink.

Notch Brewing

Notch is a triple threat. Great beer, great location, and a great vibe. They specialize in Czech and German style beers, so it is only right that you can get most of their beers in steins. Drinking out of the massive mug just hits different.

Located just off the main drag & by the water, it’s the perfect spot to escape the crowds. In an old brick building with a huge patio on the water, it is lined with long German beer hall style tables. In true European fashion, each beer type has its own specific glassware. It’s that level of detail that makes then a “notch” above the rest (sorry, had to say it). The Czech beer is a refreshing change of pace from all of the hazy IPAs, sours, and stouts that breweries are cranking out, as they are crisp and super crushable.

Bill & Bob’s

The roast beef sandwich is a phenomenon only found on the North Shore of Boston. Roast beef shops are like Starbucks here, there’s one on every corner. Bill & Bob’s is one of the staples. Their roast beef is not your typical deli-style cut. Instead it’s thick, chewy, and rich with flavor.

For first-timers there is only one way to go, and thats a “three way” (A.K.A. a roast beef with cheese, mayo, and barbecue on an onion roll). The tanginess from the barbeque sauce, the fattyness from the mayo, and the umami of the beef come togethers for a flavor party in your mouth.

Far From The Tree

Off the beaten path is Far From The Tree, and it’s everything you love about a brewer, but its cider!

Instead of juicy IPAs there are pineapple jalapeƱo ciders, and instead of fruited sours you can grab a cherry lime cider. The Macachusetts is a classic cider (and with this one you could be fooled that you were drinking apple juice). Of course, (like any good brewery/cidery), it’s located in an old auto body shop. It’s also B.Y.O.F., so you can stop at Bill & Bob’s or any of the other dank spots from our previous North Shore guide.

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