Halloween in Salem Guide – Pt. 3

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Every October, millions of people flock to Salem, MA for a spooky time. The waits can take hours, but the food and drink options are endless. Today, we want to share with you a few of our favorite spots.

If you haven’t already, check out our other guides to Salem— because we love going up there no matter what time of year it is.

Flip the Bird

With so much to see in Salem sometimes a full sit down meal just isn’t practical. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great meal.

Flip the Bird in nearby Beverly has one of our all-time favorite chicken sandwiches. Whether you want to keep it casual with the OG or go atomic with their ghost pepper-covered sandwich, there is something for everyone’s spice level here. The outside of the chicken is crispy and crunchy with a tender inside, and it all sits atop a quality bun. It’s hard to pass up getting one of these anytime we are in the area.

We also love their angry fries. These fries are covered in shredded rib meat along with a number of sauces. Many of breweries in Salem are B.Y.O.F. (including Couch Dog Brewing and the two spots we mentioned in our previous blog), so this is the perfect meal to grab before heading to enjoy some great beer or cider.

Couch Dog Brewing Co.

Couch Dog Brewing Co. is the newest to grace the rich North Shore brewery scene– which includes bangers like Notch in Salem and other heavy-hitters across the bridge in Beverly.

Fitting to its name, your puppers are welcome (and even encouraged) at this ultra-micro brewery.

Located just outside of the hustle and bustle of all the Halloween action, this is a perfect place to recharge the batteries. With tons of board games, shuffleboard, and great beer, you can definitely spend an afternoon here.

The sours are a balance of bitter and tangy, the mango sour smelled potent and went down smooth, and like any good New England brewery they also have a solid hazy boy.

Howling Wolf Taqueria

Loaded nachos, smothered burritos, and great drinks are all the reasons why we love Howling Wolf.

We recommend doing all of your walking beforehand if you plan on having one of these behemoths. The smothered burritos are out-of-this-world, covered in chili con queso and both red and green sauce. This saucy creation requires a fork and knife.

Another one of our favorites is the apricot steak tip burrito. This isn’t the cheap chopped up carne asada you get at your corner store burrito shop– these are full on juicy steak tips in an apricot glaze. The sweet and savory of the steak tips combined with their verde sauce is a sensation of flavors in your mouth.

The drink menu here is also fire. The house marg tastes super fresh, and for under $9 they are a steal. But the number one drink you have to get here is the blood transfusion. We are suckers for gimmicks, and it doesn’t get any more gimmicky than “drinking blood” in Salem during October. If you like vodka and fruit punch (and of course, a good gimmick) then this is the spooky drink for you.

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