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Mass. residents know that the North Shore is famous for their roast beef. However, in this edition of the day trips series we will exploring some of the hidden gems that Beverly, MA has to offer. Located near towns such as Manchester by the Sea, Gloucester, and Rockport, Beverly is the perfect stop on the way to and from the beach.

Flip The Bird

A newcomer to the scene, Flip the Bird is completely changing the game when it comes to fried chicken sandwiches. The common debate is Chick-fil-A vs Popeye’s, but both pale in comparison to the thick boys they are serving up at Flip the Bird. The OG is covered in delicious homemade buttermilk ranch, and if you are looking for a more of a kick you can try your hand at the Nashville Hot, Angry Bird, or Cry Baby. The Cry Baby is not for the faint of heart, covered in sauce made with the infamously spicy ghost pepper & habeneros. Although the fried chicken sandwich is the star of the show, don’t sleep on the Angry fries. These are essentially the BBQ version of poutine– fries dusted in Angry dust rub (What is in that? We have no idea) then topped with mounds of mouth watering ribs, bayou sauce, & spicy BBQ sauce. It is the perfect combination of heat and flavor. It won’t have your eyes watering, but there is enough of a kick to please those heat seekers in your life.


The North Shore has no lack of beautiful beaches, and one of the essentials of a great beach day is having a dank lunch. Well, Wrapture has you covered in that department. With over 20 different bowls and wraps, it is the perfect stop on your way to the seashore to pick up a next-level beach lunch. The seagulls mouths will be watering as you enjoy these tightly wrapped wraps. With 20+ options, even the pickiest eaters can find a wrap to tickle their fancy. The old adage is “Quality over quantity,” but Wrapture delivers in both departments. You can taste the freshness in every wrap, and they are substantial enough that they’ll give you the fuel for the rest of your beach afternoon. Although there really is not a bad option, a few of our favorites include: The Lime Chicken, El Cubano, and Middle Eastern.

A&B Burgers

Our final stop, A&B Burgers, is the perfect place to end a beach day. Boasting alcoholic milkshakes and a great cocktail & tap list, you will be covered when it is time to rehydrate after a long day in the sun. A&B gets its meat from Pineland Farms up in Maine (And you can really taste the difference in quality between joints that use locally sourced meat versus meat from a large distributor). If you are feeling like a big spender, A&B also offers the option to upgrade any burger to Wagyu, which in our opinion is well worth the upcharge. If you are anything like us, your mouth will be watering as you read each and every burger option on the menu. Each sounds just as tantalizing to the taste buds as the last. And for those who have trouble choosing, we recommend the Sweet & Salty (Burrata cheese, fig jam, bacon, and arugula… need we say more?).

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