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Portland is the Mecca of bars, with everything from cheap dives, to ocean deck bars where you can expect to pay $15 for a vodka & soda. In Portland, there is a bar for everyone & every occasion. In today’s guide, we will break down some of our favorite establishments.


Subway might have the $5 footlong, but Lincolns has the $5 any drink. For that $5 price you aren’t getting Rubinoff either. Lincolns is loading your drinks with premium liquor such as Titos. They also have quality local beers on tap including Allagash and Peak.

Suprisingly, the real reason to go to Lincolns is not the quality drinks at cheap prices. Rather, it is the atmosphere. Designed as a 1920’s speakeasy, it has a secret location and entrance we wouldn’t want to ruin. The hunt is all part of that speakeasy experience.


Ever walk into an unfinished brick basement and think, “Wow, this would make a great bar.” No? Well, the founders of Bramhall certainly did. And they turned that basement into the second speakeasy on today’s list.

Looking for an intimate setting to enjoy drinks with a date? Look no further. Bramhall gives off that dungeon chic vibe, as it is exclusively lit by candles. What Bramhall might lack in lighting, they certainly make up with their expansive drink menu. All of their house cocktails are expertly crafted, and their draft list contains some of the heavy hitters of Maine, including Bissel Brothers and Austin Street. Don’t sleep on their food either. The menu may be limited, but what they do– they do well.

Novare Res Bier

33+ beers on tap and 400+ bottles. Do we even need to continue the review?

This is a can’t miss spot on any beer lover’s list. On the outside, Novare Res Bier has a large deck with German beer hall style tables. On the inside, you get more of a classic beer pub vibe, with brick pillars and a never-ending line of taps. So, if you are in the hunt for that rare European beer, chances are you will be able to find it here.

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