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When in Portland, there are a plethora of great bars and breweries for you to experience (see our bar guide and brewery guide). Due to this fact, you are likely going to need some good breakfast to combat that gnarly hangover you may or may not wake up with. Luckily for you, there is wide range of dank breakfast spots in Portland as well.

Hot Suppa

They say if you want good food, follow the lines. Well, Hot Suppa definitely supports this theory. If you want to avoid the wait, we recommend you roll directly from your night of drinking, directly into to a booth here. In fact, Hot Suppa has some of the best Bloody Mary’s in town, and you know what they say… “Hair of the dog.” When it comes to what to order on the menu, your head will be spinning more than after a round of tequila shots on Fore Street.

If you are a benedict fan (and let’s be real, who isn’t?), then any of the specialty benedicts are a must-try. The biscuits and sausage gravy are a true southern classic. And there is always the Mother Clucker. We recommend you wear pants with an elastic waist for these. In most cases, you will have a fairly long wait here. But is the wait worth it? Absolutely!


Don’t let the vinyl floor and cafeteria vibes fool you, Dutch’s is taking diner food to the next level. The people at Dutch are pastry masters. Their massive donuts ooze with delicious house-made fillings, from lemon cream to cookie dough. If you thought croissants were good, well then you haven’t lived until you have tried their Hawaiian croissant packed with ham, cheese, and pineapple.

That is just one example of the creative fire that drives the breakfast food innovation at Dutch’s. If breakfast sandwiches are more your speed, then any of their ridiculous breakfast sandwiches or homemade biscuits will tickle your fancy. When you visit Dutch’s, if there is something that catches your eye, make sure to order it. You never know if it will be there the next time you go.

Sinful Kitchen

Located outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland, this hole in the wall breakfast joint is well worth the drive. Sinful Kitchen (or “SK”) has something for every type of eater. Are you with some not-so-adventurous eaters who just want the classics? Sinful Kitchen can execute those perfectly.

However, if you are like us at NearU, then you have an adventurous palate– and SK does not disappoint. From peanut butter cup Belgian waffles to the El Diablo omelette, SK will have your tastes buds engaged at every turn.

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