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Today, we are going over some of the spots where you can grab the best shawarma in Boston.

As we like to call it, “The burrito of the Middle East,” shawarma is a perfect meal to enjoy on-the-go. Below we will cover some of the top shawarma spots Boston has to offer, so you can get your filling on the fly. Also, if you are a newcomer to shawarma, check out our guide!

Azama Grill

When it is last call and the lights of the bar turn on at 2 A.M., Azama has your drunchie needs covered. Nothing soaks up all the alcohol in your stomach quite like a fat roll up from this place. Azama has an Egyptian twist on this classic, filled with fresh cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and garlic sauce. These roll ups hit in all the right ways. We also recommend getting their Egyptian fries as a side, which are thick-cut fries with a flavorful dusting of “secret seasoning.” As we say at NearU, “The real pros will get Egyptian fries in their roll ups.”

Garlic ‘n Lemons

If Azama is where you go with your buddies for late night drunchies or hungover roll ups, then Garlic ‘n Lemons is where you take your parents when they are in town. Yes, their roll ups are great, but the real winner here is the shawarma plate. It includes all of the classic sides you would expect. Our top three is the moussaka (A sautéed eggplant dish), baba ghanoush (Smoked eggplant & tahini with a pita to dip), and the classic hummus (No explanation needed, hopefully). For shawarma, Garlic ‘n Lemons boasts a wide variety of options. These extend beyond the classics, including flavors such as BBQ chicken, spicy beef, and spicy chicken.

Shawarma King

When you are the self-proclaimed “Shawarma King,” that creates some big shoes to fill. In Boston, the King’s shawarma is top-notch. However, we think the real gem here is the falafel. It is everything you want in falafel and more. Light and fluffy, with a crispy shell and a moist inside, you’ll know what we mean after a single bite. Also, with roll ups the size of small babies, you will not be leaving here hungry. Make sure to try some of their main sides as well. We recommend the creamy hummus and the savory moussaka.

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