Summer Patio Guide – Boston

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Patio SZN is in full effect this summer in Boston! There are tons of great patios around the city and we want to give you three of our favorites.

Bowery Bar

Bowery Bar wins the award for the most unassuming patio. From the front, it looks like your classic Boston pub. But when they bring you to the back, BAM! There’s a sprawling patio with multiple levels and bars. There are ample TVs to watch any sporting event and lights strung overhead for the ultimate date night vibe.

But you don’t make our shortlist just for good patio vibes. Bowery has killer food and an expansive draft menu. This is your classic pub food but brought up to the next level. The burgers are fat, juicy, and served with hand cut fries. The fried chicken sandwich is one the crispiest we’ve ever had. The spicy-sweet sauce was served in a shot glass on the side. The fries were a nice mixture of thin and crispy plus thicker cut ones thrown into the mix. At Something NearU, we are huge fans of apps, and their spinach artichoke dip is some of the best in the game. You can call us sickos but we saved the dip so we could use it for our fries (that’s what you call next level thinking). During patio SZN, Bowery Bar has something for everyone– and it’s always a good time.


 Lulu’s is an Allston staple where you can get good food and drinks any time of the day. The menu is simple, but everything they do they crush. The extent of most place’s breakfast cocktails are Bloody Marys and mimosas, but Lulu’s has over 15 different breakfast cocktails, including breakfast cereal shooters and a Reese’s Puff inspired drink. For beer lovers, this may be one of the best beer bars in Boston. Their taplist is massive and is constantly being rotated. You can find anything on tap, from the local legends like Trillium, The Alchemist, or Foam, to hard-to-find national juggernauts like Toppling Goliath and Great Notion. We also check their 4 packs to-go because they get goodies that even most liquor stores aren’t getting access to.

If you’ve never had the smash burger, then this is the spot to try one. Smash burgers are a delicacy in which the patties are ultra-thin and cooked with caramelized onion goodness. Lulu’s specializes in them, and we highly recommend them for anyone who hasn’t tried this delicious twist on a burger. Our favorite thing is the duck confit poutine. We love duck, and we love poutine. So, this was a match made in heaven. Lulu’s does everything right to make a perfect poutine. The cheese is melty, the gravy is thick and savory, the duck confit is almost like a pulled pork version of duck, and the fries are the strong foundation that supports it all.

This is the patio guide, so we probably should mention their patio. You can enjoy all of the goodness we talked about above on a sprawling patio located in the heart of Allston.


People who know Boston know that Southie is where you go when you want to re-live your college days. Lined with popular bars, the main strip can be madness on a Saturday night. Just off the beaten path is Coppersmith. This place is definitely not a hidden gem, but it is a good time. Coppersmith has an industrial-chic look, located in a large brick building with huge ceilings and metalwork everywhere. It’s truly a great spot for a drink. But the real reason to come here is the rooftop (it’s only a one-story high roof, so we are calling it a patio).

We can’t think of a better way to spend a Southie afternoon than a bucket of beers and some cornhole on the roof.

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