A Conversation With Jack Del Fuego

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At Something NearU we are hot sauce fanatics. We will put it on everything– from pizza to burritos. After trying the hot sauces from Jack Del Fuego we couldn’t be more excited to tell the story of this female-owned business that is bringing the heat with fresh, creative hot sauces. We’re talking really fresh– meaning you’ll recognize every ingredient on the label.

Jack Del Fuego – How It All Started:

Julie, the founder of Jack Del Fuego, has always been an adventurer at heart with a passion for cooking. During a trip to Mexico to visit her in-laws, she spent some time in the kitchen learning her mother-in-law’s recipes. When she came back to the States, she kept thinking about the fresh tomatillo sauce that they made. It was simple, yet so flavorful. This became what is now known as the Verde Furioso.

Julie then realized that she could combine her passion for travel with her culinary love to bring authentic Mexican flavors to people who might not have the opportunity to experience them. The goal was to come up with sauces that would have flavor themselves and also enhance the taste of whatever they were put on.

A Breakdown of the Sauces

We asked Julie to give us a breakdown of her sauces. Here it is:

Verde Furioso – Your classic mild tomatillo sauce. This sauce is super versatile. It’s killer on eggs or any breakfast dish. The sauce is packed with a great lime flavor that will brighten any meal.

Wild Jack – This sauce is inspired from Yucatán in Mexico, which has a heavy habanero influence. Out of all the sauces this is the closest to your typical hot sauce. If you want to take your buffalo chicken dip to the next level, there’s a killer recipe on their website for it. This is a great, addictive hot sauce, so if a recipe calls for hot sauce, look no further. Our personal favorite is using it for Bloody Marys.

Black Jack – This sauce has morita pepper, which is a jalapeño that is slowly roasted– which gives the sauce a great smoky flavor, very akin to BBQ. Marinating your meat in the Black Jack will take whatever it is to the next level.

Abuelo Picosa – A tomato-based hot sauce that gives you a spicy tomato sauce vibe. As crazy as it sounds, Julie recommends adding this to pasta sauce. She is also working on a recipe for a pizza sauce with Abuelo Picosa.

Not Just A Hot Sauce

To call these just hot sauces would be doing them an injustice. The sauces from Jack Del Fuego are insanely fresh, and instead of getting blown away by heat, your taste buds are blown away by flavor. And for spicy lovers, don’t worry, there is still a nice kick. Let us be the first to tell you, store brand hot sauces don’t even come close to competing.

So, Where Does That Name Come From?

It had to be asked: Who is the Jack in Jack Del Fuego?

Jack stands for “Jack Rabbit” which is a creature native to Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is a region of Mexico where women have run the markets for hundreds of years. These markets are an inspiration to Jack Del Fuego as it is a female-run business.

If you are a hot sauce lover like us, or have one in your life (everybody does), then these are a must try! All of Jack Del Fuego’s sauces have quickly made their way into our daily rotation. 

Find Jack Del Fuego on their online store as well as on Instagram:


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  1. I ordered some last month! Amazing! Wild Jack and Abuela Picosa are my top 2 for sure

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