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Miami has become a hot spot for New Englanders to escape the cold winter. With flight and stay typically costing less than getting a Cape house for a weekend, it’s also a great summer spot. During COVID Vice City has turned into even more of tourist hot spot. Don’t get stuck at a tourist trap and check out these Something NearU certified spots!

Best Miami Breakfast

B Bistro + Bakery

Hands down one of our favorite breakfasts ever, B Bistro is not a well kept secret and you can expect a long wait on weekends. Luckily, it’s right near the riverwalk so you can enjoy some nice views and walk around while you wait. There is even a huge open air mall nearby you can check out. This place has all of your breakfast classics and takes them to the next level. Not feeling breakfast? Try their fat BBB Swag Burger. Ours was cooked to perfection, and it might have been still breathing as we bit into it.

As good as the burger was, the real star of the show here is the breakfast. We came for the guava pancakes and we were not disappointed. Maple butter coated these fluffy stacks, and the guava preserve filled our deepest sweet tooth craving. What really took it to the next level for us was the vanilla crumble on top, as it coated each bite adding an addicting crunch.

We love a sweet breakfast, but we love a savory eggy one just as much (You have to keep it ying and yang). When we walked in, we saw some of the eggs benedict on pieces of fresh toast– which looked like 4 pieces of toast stacked on top of each other. We settled on the crab benedict, and the eggs were runny, the hollandaise was viscous and flavorful, and the crab brought a fresh seafood twist to a diner classic.

Top Lunch Spots in Miami

Coyo Taco

Coyo Taco was one of the most recommended places when we were asking around town. Located in the heart of Wynwood where there are amazing restaurants on every corner, Coyo is a must try for taco lovers.

Every day they make their own homemade tortillas. For us, good tortillas are the “make or break” for a good taco. Also, Coyo’s salsa bar is top-notch with a wide variety of options from chipotle aioli, fresca, tomatillos, and spicy habanero. The chipotle aioli was our favorite, as it paired delightfully with their fish taco– which was essentially a huge slab of fish wrapped in a tortilla. Just like Dave Portnoy gets a slice of cheese pizza at every spot he reviews, we get al pastor any time we are trying a taco spot for the first time. Coyo’s al pastor filled our craving with a savory marinade and chunks of pineapples. We left full and happy.


There isn’t much authentic Asian food in Miami, but if you are craving the good stuff 1-800-Lucky is the place to go. What’s great about this place is that it’s not just one restaurant, but a sprawling food hall with a full bar. Whatever your Asian food craving is, they have you covered. One of our favorite booths was the sushi. It won’t break the bank and it’s delicious. The bar has a variety of Asian-inspired speciality cocktails which are half off during their daily happy hour from 4-7 PM.

One of our favorite things are bao buns, and when we saw that they had softshell crab bao buns we had to try them. The crab was lightly fried with a spicy mayo on top, and the bun was sweet, which paired perfectly with the savory crab and spicy mayo.

Miami’s Best Cubano Sandwiches

You will find Cubanos at every corner in Miami, but don’t waste your appetite on just any Cubano. We will give you two of our favorite spots. The first (and our favorite) is a small hole-in-the-wall cafĂ© that serves you out of a window, and the second is a well-known spot that lives up to the hype.

Atlantis Cafe

 We thought we had to get our eyes checked after looking at the menu at Atlantis Cafe. This literal “hole-in-the-wall” spot had some of the cheapest prices we have ever seen (not only in Miami but also compared to any other major US city). This at first made us skeptical, but after we got our food we were turned into believers. This Cubano was unlike any we’ve ever had before. Most have a thin slice of ham with a thin slice of pork, but this bad boy was loaded with pulled pork that was so insanely tender that it melted in our mouths. This was next level BBQ– competition quality pulled pork, and a lot of it. The Cuban bread was crisped and the mustard added that perfect extra kick.

Sanguich de Miami

The complete opposite of Atlantis Cafe, Sanguich De Miami had an upscale diner vibe to it. This place was very hyped, and as we know, oftentimes hyped places fall short. Not this time though. Sanguich delivered on their promise of a bomb Cubano. Although this Cubano was not exploding with pork like Atlantis’, you could taste the quality of the ingredients and the care of craftsmanship put into this sandwich. The Swiss cheese was oozing out of each bite, and the ham and pork were very flavorful. A bonus item here is their guava and cream milkshake (If you haven’t caught on by now, they love their guava in Miami). Made with whole milk, this was super thick and decadent. If you are a sweets lover, this alone is worth coming here just to try.

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