Valentine’s Day Guide – Boston

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It’s every guy’s favorite time of year, Valentine’s day!

Scrambling to get last minute reservations is a yearly tradition for most. Well, this year we have you covered with three spots that are guaranteed to win you major brownie points with your S/O.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona is the perfect spot for an intimate night out. Since they serve tapas-style plates, you can split a variety of dishes without breaking the bank. With a rustic European feel, the restaurant vibe is just right for a romantic V-Day dinner. Barcelona has all of the classic tapas you would see at a small café in Spain, including their upscale takes on patatas bravas (crispy potato wedges covered in a slightly spicy red sauce and savory garlic aioli) and shishito peppers (which offer a satisfying crunch with the perfect balance of spice and saltiness). For meat lovers, the grilled hanger steak with truffle vinaigrette is a transformative experience. Served to you still bleeding, these slices of steak melt in your mouth while exploding with umami flavor.

And of course, you couldn’t call yourself “Barcelona” without an impressive selection of jamón.

Citrus & Salt

 When you walk into Citrus & Salt, you get instantly transported from cold, snowy New England to the warm, vibrant coast of Mexico. This is not the typical Mexican restaurant you are going to find in Eastie, far from it. Citrus & Salt’s menu is constantly changing and innovating, so you never quite know what you are going to get when you walk in– but you know it will be dank.

A highlight we enjoyed was the buttermilk Nashville hot chicken tacos (which provided the perfect amount of heat complimented perfectly by the white BBQ sauce). The drink menu at Citrus & Salt is equally as creative, with names like “Becky Juice” and “Tequila Take The Wheel.”  These cocktails are more than just a gimmick, with fresh ingredients and mixes made in-house, they are visually stunning and extremely refreshing.

Row 34

In Boston, we are known for our seafood.

Well, if you are looking for some of the best seafood in town, then look no further. Row 34 has you covered for a romantic seafood dinner. From lobster rolls and crab cakes to clam chowder, you could say they serve “everything under the sea.” If you are really trying to ball out, then their stuffed lobster tails for two is always a winner. For lovers of craft beer, Row 34 is constantly getting drops from hard-to-get breweries like Vitamin Sea and Bissell Brothers, so keep your eyes open. You never know what Row 34 will have on draft or what 4-packs to-go they will be offering.

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