How To Impress Your Date Without Breaking The Bank (Just Denting It) – Boston

There are any number of places you can go on a date in the North End just to spend an arm and a leg for chicken parm and meatballs. Although the North End is a staple of Boston, below is a guide to a few spots that will “wow” your date, as well as your taste buds, without hurting your pockets too much.

Blue Dragon

Located just over the bridge in Seaport, Blue Dragon is the home to celebrity chef Ming Tsai. This Asian fusion experience will have your taste buds dancing. From their kung pao brussels sprouts to their sisig nachos, everything is packed with flavor. To top it all off, they have a killer drink menu with bartenders who execute to perfection. The vibe is just right if you are looking for a spot to start your night– and if you are lucky enough, Chef Tsai might bring out your order.

Little Donkey

When two James Beard award winning chefs collaborate to create a global tapas experience what do you get? A culinary explosion that can only be described by the words of the infamous Guy Fieri, “Flavor Town.” Want to know the only thing that will impress your date more than pretending that you know what a James Beard award is? When the wagyu flat iron steak comes to the table.

The menu at Little Donkey is intricate, but it will satisfy even the most picky eater (A feat most experimental fine dining restaurants struggle with). Plus, once you’ve finished your dinner at Little Donkey, you can make your way over to A4cade.

Brighton Bodega

You want me to take my date to Brighton?! A Bodega nonetheless?! Yes, this list isn’t called “Where in Southie Chad Should Bring His Date on Saturday Night.”

The real question is where to even start at Brighton Bodega. From cactus & pork tacos, to duck confit steamed buns, and even tomahawk steaks, this spot does it all– and does it well. A constantly rotating menu guarantees that whatever you are indulging in will be fresh and in season. This bodega also boasts a premier draft beer menu as well as a great list of cocktails. This spot is well worth the journey to the outer limits of Boston.

The Beehive

There can only be one phrase to describe The Beehive: “A vibe.” Covered in illustrious red drapes, you feel more like you are in a Persian manor than the South End of Boston. This jazz club not only has some of the best music in town, but its kitchen delivers too. Whether you’re coming to dinner and drinks on a Friday night, or brunch on the weekend, make sure to call ahead and get a seat near the stage.

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