A Conversation With CorMu Creations

CorMu Creations is as “family business” as you can get. Started by two sisters, the unique “CorMu” name comes from combining both of their parents’ last names.

The care put into each of their creations shines through in the end product. Each chocolate creation is a unique piece of art that is custom made for that client. When ordering a box, you can really feel the thought that goes into it. The CorMu team asks you for every little detail, which helps lead to an end product that is truly unique for the recipient.

CorMu was founded in 2020. Like many entrepreneurs we have spoken to, they simply had a business idea and ran with it. With no formal baking or cooking background, the first few months were spent in the test kitchen, making sure that when they were ready to go to market, their clients were getting the highest quality product.

CorMu specializes in breakable chocolate hearts. These are chocolate shells shaped into giant hearts which usually contain candy, gifts, or even engagement rings hidden beneath. Each box would not be complete without a mallet, because how else are you going to open your chocolate heart? The excitement of smashing open one of these delicious creations is reminiscent of smashing open a piñata a kid– except with these you get to eat what you are smashing.

The heart is only the start, as CorMu has countless ways to personalize your creation. From adding chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels to the theming your box, nothing is off limits (Our favorite ones so far are the Baby Yoda and Pikachu themed boxes).

If you lean toward the more boozy and less sweet side, CorMu also has a variety of options when it comes to wine and champagne boxes. They can even surround the wine with strawberries and roses.

When asking CorMu about their favorite creation we were surprised to hear that it was not their hearts, but their hot chocolate balls. These are baseball-sized chocolate balls that melt into a hot chocolate creation. CorMu says that the looks in the eyes of people when they watch the hot water melt the chocolate balls is second to none. Who knew that you could take hot chocolate to the next level?

When looking for an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day gift that is a cut above, there is no better way to drop the jaw of your loved one than by coordinating with CorMu!

For more info on all the creations that CorMu has to offer, find them on Facebook and Instagram!

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