A Conversation With Los Tacos De Papo

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Los Tacos De Papo is pushing the boundaries– going where no tacos have gone before in Boston. The menu ranges from your typical al pastor taco to a “Big Mac” taco and everything in between.

Junior is the man behind Los Tacos De Papo, and he has been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years– at some point holding every position under the sun. Naturally, when he had downtime during the heart of COVID, he was cooking up a storm for his wife. This is when he came to the realization that he could pair his passion for cooking with his experience in the restaurant industry to form his own business.

Los Tacos De Papo stormed onto the scene, dishing up over 500 tacos on the first day. Operating out of a small kitchen– the essentially one-man operation was overwhelming at first. Junior answers the phones, cooks the tacos, and brings them to the cars himself. Now, he has a system down pat, and pops out those same 500 tacos with ease.

For Junior, tacos have been a creative outlet. His recipes are not shaped by traditional culinary rules, and they offer a fun, fresh, new perspective. His Mexican-American fusion tacos have been a huge hit. The buffalo chicken tacos bring a nice heat, which is complimented perfectly by a cilantro aioli and cotija cheese. We alluded above to the Papo “Big Mac” taco, which is essentially a Big Mac deconstructed into taco form. Not only is it extremely Instagrammable, but it is also packed with all of the Big Mac flavor you love in taco form.

The Holy Papo Taco is a stretch to call a taco, but we love every bite of it (and who is to decide what is a taco and what is not?). This beast of a taco is a half pound snow crab leg, and 1 colossal shrimp on two corn tortillas. To top it off, this masterpiece is covered in lemon garlic butter sauce that will keep your mouth watering for seconds and thirds.

So, how can you get your hands on some of these out-of-the-box tacos? Right now, Los Tacos De Papo is available for pick-up and catering, but Junior has big plans for the future. Junior’s goal is to open up small tacos shops all across the Boston area. These spots will serve as a place for the neighborhood to hang out, grab some good tacos, enjoy a couple of drinks, and feel at home.

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