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New England is home to some of the top breweries in the world, including the infamous Tree House Brewing Company and The Alchemist. However, in this guide we are going to focus on some Boston-based breweries (And there is no shortage of them).

This next statement might sound a little funny, but to get on this list you need more than just good beer. Nowadays, you have the convenience of going to your local beer shop and accessing some of the best beers from across the country, so when it comes to breweries it is about the overall experience.


Trillium is not only the hands-down best brewery in Boston, but it is also regarded as one of the top breweries in the world. At Trillium’s flagship location in the Seaport district, not only will you have the opportunity to try some of the best beer in the world, but there is also a high-end restaurant (Which is a far cry from your father’s pub food). You would be hard-pressed to find another brewery that serves lobster toast and duck confit.

If you are looking at their vast beer list and wondering where to start, you can always have a look at our guide “Which Beer Type Is For Me?” A safe bet is that any of their stouts will be out-of-this-world, especially any that include aromatics. However, if you are looking for something on the juicier side, you cannot go wrong with any of their “Street” series. This series includes DDH Melcher Street, Congress Street, etc. Additionally, did we mention that Trillium is one of the few Boston establishments with a rooftop deck?

Not able to make it down to the depths of the Seaport? Well, lucky for you because Trillium has opened up a Fenway location. Get all the beer you love right in one of the most famous neighborhoods in Boston. The Trillium Fenway location is BYOF, so make a stop at Time Out (An upscale food court) and bring your own lunch to Fenway. 

The third Trillium location is located on the famous Greenway in the Financial district. This is Trillium’s beer garden that runs from late spring to early fall. With these three locations, there is certainly no shortage of this great beer flowing through the streets of Boston.

Brato Brewhouse + Kitchen

Like we said earlier, to make our list of top breweries in Boston, you need more than just beer. To bring the people in, you need to go above and beyond. Brato Brewhouse + Kitchen achieves this goal, while still bringing the heat on the brewery end.

While Brato is one of the many new breweries popping up in Boston, they set themselves apart in both a culinary and creative sense. When every brewery is offering hazy IPA’s & stouts, Brato shines by offering a wide array of Bavarian style brews, which are crisp and refreshing to the palate. These are a great way to start the night without feeling like there is a small baby in your stomach.

Perhaps even more of a reason to come here is Brato’s exceptional chef, Jonathan Gilman. We would describe Brato’s menu as high-end bar food. These fermentation experts have killer pickles, which pair perfectly with their house made sausages and next-level grilled cheeses. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, we suggest making your way over for a grilled cheese flight.

Harpoon Brewery

Here’s a tongue-twister. Harpoon Brewery has been in the Seaport since before Seaport was Seaport. Modeled in the style of a German beer hall, the atmosphere is second to none. To top it off, they also offer freshly-baked pretzels with a variety of sauces (Beer & pretzels > PB&J?).

Harpoon also offers a beer tour, which is not only educational but also gives you the opportunity to drink as much beer as you want. This is always a great way to kill some time before attending a concert at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion (Formerly Blue Hills Pavilion).

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