3 Hole-In-The-Wall Spots – Boston

Although this list could be a “Top 50 Hole-In-The-Wall Spots in Boston,” we are going to keep it simple for you and recommend three spots that have vastly different cuisines, all located in different sections of the city.


Saus is located in the heart of the tourist trap that is Faneuil Hall, and near the surrounding Boston pubs that have been around since the Revolutionary War. Now, don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting a cup of chowder from Union Oyster House or a pint at the Green Dragon. Skipping these would be like going to Rome and not seeing the Colosseum, or visiting Paris without getting a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower. However, Saus offers up a French-Canadian delicacy that many other restaurants have tried to recreate, but have failed greatly in doing so: Poutine.

At its core, poutine is three simple ingredients: French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. From there, you can go in any direction with toppings. However, if those three core pieces are not up to par, then the dish falls apart. Saus has high marks on all three fronts. They offer a classic gravy or a miso mushroom variation. For meats, they offer everything from pork belly to kimchi. If you’ve spent all day on a bar crawl around Boston, there is nothing better to soak up all the alcohol in your stomach than a fat Saus poutine.

Buco Trattoria

Located in the basement of a Seaport art gallery, Buco offers homemade pastas and fresh, hot paninis (Although the term “panini” undersells these delicious creations). This unassuming spot proves you don’t need to be charged $25 for a bolognese in the North End to experience top-notch Italian. This is exactly why Buco lands here on our top 3 hole-in-the-wall spots in Boston.

Want something a little lighter? You can’t go wrong with the array of paninis. Buco’s twist on the eggplant parm comes with freshly sautéed peppers, which add a another dimension to this classic sandwich.


Much to our joy, the Korean-Mexican fusion phenomenon has made its way to Boston, and it has come in the form of a delicious eatery located in downtown Allston. Coreanos offers everything from kimchi bulgogi quesadillas to miso chicken tacos.These flavor combinations will have your taste buds feelings ways they have never felt before. To top it off, you can wash this all down with a peach limeade or one of the refreshing smoothies.

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