Burrito Guide Pt. 2 (Asian-Mexican Fusion) – San Francsico

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In part 2 of our San Francisco burrito guide, we completely switch gears and leave the Mission. We will now enter the magical world of Asian-Mexican fusion. Yes, that means ramen burritos and bulgogi nachos– and yes, these are next-level flavor combinations.

Senior Sisig

What is a sisig you ask? A sisig is a tangy, sweet, Filipino-seasoned pork that happens to work great in a burrito. Senior Sisig food trucks can be found all across the city, from one of San Francisco’s numerous food truck parks, to downtown in the financial district during the lunch hour. While the location of the food truck may not always be certain, one thing always is– there will be a line (And that line is worth the wait).

You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but our number one pick is the California burrito (Because who doesn’t love french fries in a burrito?). A pro tip is getting queso instead of regular cheese on it.


Two words: bulgogi burritos. At this Korean-Mexican fusion burrito shop, they are cranking out California burritos with a twist– and that twist comes in the form of sweetly-marinated bulgogi beef, kimchi, and tater tots. This is one of the perfect flavor combinations that you never knew you needed in your life. If you are looking for a change of pace they also have killer totchos, which are, as you probably guessed… tater tot nachos. Visit Tacorea’s site.

KoJa Kitchen

KoJa Kitchen is known for, well.. their “KoJas.” What is a KoJa you ask? According to KoJa Kitchen themselves, “It’s like a burger but better.” We would be lying to you if we said that was true. But while the KoJas are very tasty, KoJa Kitchen also has some kick-ass Japanese/Korean-Mexican fusion tacos. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, and that is part of the beauty of tacos– you can always have more than one.

Another must-try are their kamikaze fries, which are waffle fries covered in Korean BBQ and an assortment of tantalizing sauces. Catch this food truck bouncing around San Fran, or take a BART ride over to Berkeley for their brick and mortar.

Aria Korean Street Food

Aria is famous for their KFC. Nope, not Kentucky fried chicken, Korean fried chicken! This might be the most Instagramable food you can get in the Bay, and it tastes even better than the pictures.

But this is a guide to the best burritos right?

On Saturdays you can get a secret menu item, the ramen burrito. Yes, a burrito filled with delicious ramen. Fair warning if you have plans after consuming this concoction, because you will most likely need to cancel them and find the closest couch to nap on.

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