Donut Guide – Boston

blackbird jelly donut

There is no better way to start your weekend (or end your night) than a freshly-made donut. In this guide, we have your donut craving covered– all hours of the day.

Blackbird Doughnuts (multiple locations)

You won’t be finding a jar of Smucker’s in Blackbird’s kitchen, because everything here is made from scratch– from jam fillings to donut glazes. Every month their specials change, so there’s always a reason to check back in.

From their year-round rotation, the salted toffee and chocolate sprinkle are must-try donut varieties. The chocolate sprinkle looks straight out of a Simpson’s episode– covered in big rainbow sprinkles. For true sweet lovers, the salted toffee is that killer mixture of sweet and salty that makes you crave the next bite.

And when it comes to jam donuts, Blackbird is very generous with the filling. Be careful with your first bite, because that homemade jam will surely come bursting out!

Back Door Donuts (Fenway)

This legendary Martha’s Vineyard donut shop is now opening a pop-up shop in Fenway. Known for serving piping hot donuts after the bars close, Back Door continues this tradition of late night donuts.

The O.G. location is just a small window in the back of a bakery. So fittingly, the Fenway pop-up is a small window behind Loretta’s Last Call.

The menu is simple, which allows Back Door to constantly serve up piping hot donuts that melt in your mouth. They have your classic glazed and other traditional flavors. Our two favorites are butter crunch and coconut– with the latter being covered in thick shreds of fresh coconut that dissolve into the steaming donut with every bite.

Instead of a race for Ubers leaving the bars, start expecting a race to Back Door instead.

Mochinut (Allston, Chinatown)

We’ll be the first to admit, we were pretty skeptical of mochi doughnuts when they first came onto the scene. Were they just a fun gimmick or were they actually good?

The answer is both.

If you are looking for a classic donut, this probably won’t fill your craving. But that does not mean these aren’t a great dessert.

We loved ripping apart the round segments of each donut and popping them into our mouths. This made the mochinut ultra-shareable. The texture from the mochi makes them a bit chewier than your typical donut– and we kind of liked that. The strawberry and blueberry flavors were spot-on. And if you’ve always wondered what Fruity Pebbles would taste like in donut form, then look no further. That’s exactly what the milk pebble is.

For a fun experience, we recommend going here with a group, getting a bunch, and sharing them all!

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