Best Burgers in Boston Pt. 1

burger from little pecan brighton

With so many great craft beer bars, taverns, pubs, and American restaurants in Boston, there is no shortage of places to find a good burger. Today, we are giving you four of our favorite burgers in Boston.

Cunard Tavern (East Boston)

The burgers at Cunard can compete with any on this list, but really sets them apart are the fries. If you’ve ever had a hard time deciding between classic russet fries and sweet potato fries– don’t worry, because here they give you both.

The burgers are cooked to a perfect medium-rare and are bursting with juiceness. Our go-to is the Boston Albany Burger. The whisky candied bacon makes this burger really pop, and the fresh slaw is the cherry on top.

Lulu’s (Allston)

Lulu’s specializes in “smash” style burgers, which if you haven’t had– this is a great first one. These ultra-thin patties are smashed onto a hot grill, then stacked on a bun for a crispy, beefy experience. Their garlic parm smash burger has homemade potato chips and a gooey garlic parm sauce.

A pro-tip is asking for extra sauce on the side to dip your fries in.

Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company lives up to its name with over 30 burgers on the menu. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. We haven’t even come close to trying them all– but we will share a few of our favorites to help you narrow down the list.

We loved the Porkasaurus, which lives up to its monster-sized name. This thing is loaded with pulled pork and bacon, on top of the already thicc burger. This might sound like way too much meat, but trust us, it’s not.

For something a little more tame, the burger bomb is a great choice that features all the toppings you would get on a sausage outside of a Red Sox game.

Little Pecan Bistro (Brighton)

burger from little pecan brighton

Little Pecan Bistro is known for putting their unique twist on everything, from Hawaiian-style tacos to Asian-style steak and cheese. Their burger is no exception.

Made from Angus short rib and brisket blend, this high-quality burger is outfitted with high-quality ingredients from top to bottom.The brioche bun is crisped on the grill prior to serving, and smothered in their thick homemade steak sauce, which plays the middle ground between a sauce and a jam.

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