Beer Garden Guide 2022 – Pt. 2 – Boston

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Welcome to part 2 of our 2022 beer garden guide to Boston. Today, we’re showing you more of the best outdoor drinking spots in and around the city. If you missed part one of our guide, you can also check that out first– right here!

Night Shift Owl’s Nest, Allston

With beer gardens all over Boston, Night Shift has probably become the city’s most accessible craft beer. We’re guessing you can now probably find Night Shift in more bars than you can Sam Adams. The Owl’s Nest is a great location if you are trying to feel like you’re out of the city without actually leaving it. Located on the Charles River, here you can enjoy a wide array of beers by the water and surrounded by trees. Their mobile beer truck is also filled with the delicious golden substance.

Aeronaut Zone 4

Right down the street from Night Shift is Zone 4’s yearly resident, Aeronaut. Aeronaut specializes in IPAs and sours. They do have a great juice bomb, but their session IPAs just go down different on a hot summer day. Zone 4 is always popping off on a nightly basis with live music, tons of yard games, and rotating food trucks.

Notch, Charles River Speedway

Just another few minutes down the street, Notch’s Boston location is bringing the German beer hall vibe to Brighton. From the outside it may not look like much, but when you walk in you’ll see the huge courtyard lined with long beer hall style tables. Notch specializes in German and Czech beers. That means ales, lagers, and pilsners galore– which are the most refreshing beers in the summer. The best part is that you can drink these out of a stein, a.k.a. three beers in one glass. On the lighter side, they have a number of raddlers, or beer mixed with lemonade or other juices. The speedway also hosts small food vendors and Boston’s newest sake bar.

Brato Brewhouse & Kitchen

It might be a stretch to include this as a beer garden (because this is their main location) but they have a large outdoor patio so we’ll include it. Since opening the fall before COVID, Brato has continued to impress us and improves each time we visit. Now, they truly have one of the best New England-style IPAs, the Brighton Hoopy, which is as juicy as they come. With a pillowy mouth feel and the dank fruit flavors we expect from some of the other exceptional breweries in the area, this is an all around great beer. Don’t sleep on the kitchen at Brato either. The food here can go toe-to-toe with any restaurant in Boston. Brato has grilled cheeses, house made sausages, and other bar classics elevated to levels not typically seen at a brewery.

And That’s Part 2 of Our Guide!

If you are looking for a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon you can’t get much better than the line up above. Remember to check out part 1 if you haven’t!

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