Beer Garden Guide 2022 – Pt. 1 – Boston

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It’s officially beer garden season in Boston and that means pretty much any outdoor space possible will be a beer garden. In part one of our 2022 beer garden guide we’ll share with you some beer garden vets as well as a few new ones that have popped up.

Trillium Greenway

The Greenway is one of the best ways to explore downtown Boston in the summer and Trillium has been a mainstay at this location. Open from late spring to late fall, you can expect a wide array of beers from our favorite brewery in Boston. If you are looking for the best juice bombs in the city, look no further. We have said it before and we will say it again, these are straight juice. This is the gateway beer for those who don’t usually drink it. In the summer they also have a robust line up of sours. They specialize in smoothie style, which are tart yet fruity, almost like you are drinking a fresh fruit smoothie.

Mighty Squirrel Arsenal Yards, Watertown

Arsenal Yards is one of the newest shopping, eating, and entertainment areas to pop up around Boston. This mini Assembly Row has attracted some of Boston’s top chefs like Buttermilk and Bourbon and Tori Jiro Ramen’s first American location. This summer, Mighty Squirrel is hosting a huge beer garden in the middle of all the action. It’s pet friendly, so you can bring all the furry friends you want. Cloud Candy is Mighty Squirel’s flagship and it’s a solid IPA. They come strong with traditional sours that will leave your mouth puckering.

Widowmaker Kilroy Square, Quincy

Don’t sleep on Quincy, and don’t sleep on Kilroy Square. Just south of the city you can enjoy waterfront bars and brewers, as well as an outdoor beer garden from another one of Massachusetts’ premier breweries. Widowmaker does it all, from juice bombs to smoothie sours and pastry stouts. Widowmaker’s blender ender series is exactly how it sounds. If you took a bunch of fruit, overloaded a blender, and then went to town you would end up with this absolute smoothie of a sour. The hazies from here come in all shapes and sizes, but their best ones come with intense pineapple flavors.

Ready for More?

We hope you enjoyed reading about these great spots. We recommend them all, so check them out if you can. If you want to learn more about the best Boston beer gardens, check out part 2 of our guide!

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