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Faneuil Hall is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Boston. Although we don’t recommend getting your lobster roll or chowder here there are still many reasons why this part of Boston is so popular. In the sea of bars and food stalls we’ll make sure you aren’t going to any old tourist trap

Green Dragon

Boston is known for its robust pub scene. You can find a proper Guinness pour in just about any neighborhood in the city. The Faneuil Hall area has some of heaviest hitters when it comes to the O.G. pubs. Tucked away along the cobblestone streets is The Green Dragon Tavern. For history buffs, the Green Dragon has a rich history, as it was the meeting place of Paul Revere and John Hancock– a place where the plans for Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride was hatched. Nowadays it is a great place to grab a beer, have pub food, and listen to live music. For the authentic Freedom Trail experience look no further.

Sam Adams Taproom

Sam Adams is one of the O.G. craft breweries in the U.S., and since then it has become one of the largest breweries in the U.S. period. They were brewing beer when most of the owners of all the new microbreweries were just a twinkle in their parents’ eyes. Their main Boston location is in Jamaica Plain, and it’s definitely worth a trip out there, but if you are strapped for time, their new Faneuil Hall spot is a great time. You can get all the classics like Boston Lager, but they also have a bunch of exclusives which you can only get on tap. If you can’t choose what to get, they offer flights so you can try a little bit of everything. When you walk in there is typical bar seating, and then it opens up to large German beer hall style seating.


There is no shortage of food options around Faneuil Hall, but none of them hit the spot after a few drinks like Saus does. Saus is dedicated to the craft of poutine. This French Canadian delicacy is made up of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy. As simple as it sounds, many places don’t do it justice. The fries here are hand cut, which provide the ideal base for the thick and savory gravy. We like to top ours off with bacon strips for that extra kick.

It’s called Saus for a reason,  there are 14 different Saus– so if you are just looking for some fries you have dipping options. A couple of our favorites are the avocado chili, bacon parm, and pimento-cheddar mayo. Their tap list is also top notch. It rotates weekly and only focuses on New England breweries. Saus is our go-to place to fuel up, recharge, and drink some great New England craft beer.

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