A Conversation With Little Pecan Bistro

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We sat down with Little Pecan Bistro, one of the most exciting new restaurants to hit the Boston food scene.

Little Pecan does not serve one specific style of food, but they use the highest quality, freshest ingredients in everything they make. You could say that they put an Asian fusion twist on American classics, but that would not be doing the menu justice.

Their menu has all of your classic favorites: a cheeseburger, a fried chicken sandwich, and steak & cheese. But the twist they put on each item will keep you coming back time and time again.

Asian Fusion Steak & Cheese

Their Asian steak & cheese brings this Philly classic to another level. Unlike your typical steak & cheese, which consists of shaved steak that is reheated on the grill, Little Pecan braises short rib overnight, which creates an incredibly juicy and flavorful base, almost like a BBQ brisket. It is then topped with a house made melted cheddar cheese sauce and a chili aioli to add that extra kick. What brings it all together is the bread, which they source locally from Iggy’s, one of the best bread makers in the Boston area.

A Top-Notch Burger

The burger we had was out of this world. Coming in at a half pound, this thing was the size of a small child. Little Pecan isn’t messing around with their house blend, as they use an angus cut of short rib and brisket. Also, their steakhouse sauce needs to be bottled ASAP, because we could not get enough. Lastly, the hand cut fries were the cherry on top, as is true of any great burger.

Their Favorites

When asking Little Pecan what their favorite menu items were they had two answers:

1. Their fried chicken sandwich –

We have chronicled the explosion of fried chicken in Boston, and this one stands up there with the best of them. Once again, Little Pecan brings a fusion of flavors, as their sandwich is coated in a hot honey sauce and lime crema. It is then topped with a vinegar slaw, sesame pickles, and pickled jalapeños. The result is a flavor combo that you definitely aren’t getting at Chick-fil-A.

burger from little pecan brighton

2. Farro risotto and sauteed shrimp –

When Little Pecan said they use only the best ingredients, they put their money where their mouth is. In this dish, the shrimp are jumbo. We are talking large and in charge. 

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Honorable Mention: Hawaiian Kālua Pork Tacos

The last honorable mention is the Hawaiian Kālua pork tacos. Biting into these transported us to a pig roast, as they were dripping in juices. A group of regulars from the big island said this is the closest thing to home that they have tasted since moving to Boston. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement then we don’t know what is.

pork tacos from little pecan boston ma

Visit Little Pecan Bistro in Brighton, MA

Little Pecan embodies what every restaurant should aspire to be. The owners care about the final product over the bottom line, and this shines through in every dish we tried. Instead of cutting costs, it is about finding quality. For unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else around town, Little Pecan will always have you coming back for more.

You can find Little Pecan Bistro on their website and on Instagram:


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