Taco And Burrito Guide Pt. 6 – Boston

burrito and enchilada combo from waltham ma

We are back again for one of our favorite segments– your taco and burrito guide to Boston! We keep finding hidden gem after hidden gem, so who knows how many editions of this we will end up with!

Taqueria Mexico

Waltham has one of the best food scenes in the Boston area. Moody Street is littered with bars and restaurants (including some of our favorite taco spots). You could eat there everyday and never get bored. When trying to find a pet-friendly spot (Moody Street as a whole isn’t the most pet-friendly) we stumbled upon Taqueria Mexico. The festive interior and outdoor patio seemed like a great spot to stop for margs and Mexican on a Sunday afternoon. We started off with strawberry margs. These were not the margs you can get in the Seaport that you finish in a few sips. This bad boy was massive. It tasted like freshly blended strawberries and tequila. This is the kind of value you won’t find within the city limits.

If you are like us, then you can never decide on what to order. We are always jumping between choices, then choose last minute when the server comes to the table. At Taqueria Mexico this isn’t a problem because they have a variety of combo plate options to satisfy every craving. The burrito/enchilada combo was out of this world. We enjoyed a full burrito and an enchilada smothered in verde tomatillo sauce, and it was absolutely fantastic. The burrito was stuffed with stewed lamb, which was shredded to perfection and packed with tons of flavor. The enchilada was equally as good, and we were happy we got to try both.

We also stepped out of our Mexican food comfort zone and had their gordita. A gordita is a essentially a Mexican sandwich filled with delicious meat. The shell of the gordita is made from masa, so it gives you a much more fresh and light taste than your typical torta.

Taqueria El Charrito

If you’ve read our past taco and burrito guides you know that Chelsea is one of the best spots around Boston to get your Hispanic food fix. To date, we have only scratched the surface, but each spot we uncover is as good or better than the last. El Charrito is El Salvadorian at heart, so we had to try the pupusas. We got pork and cheese, and these have been some of our favorites so far. One of our biggest gripes with pupusas is that they can be too greasy with not enough meat and too much cheese. El Charrito’s were the opposite. The outside of the pupusa was seared with grill marks

The El Salvadorian-Mexican enchilada combo plate caught our eye. This consisted of one El Salvadorian enchilada and three Mexican style. The Mexican style enchiladas were coated in a savory red sauce and covered in gooey cheese. The shells were moist, but were not falling apart. These were absolute fire. The El Salvadoran style was nothing like we have ever had before. The base was a crispy fried tortilla, and on top of that was a taco salad-like mixture of shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, radish, avocado, and meat. Would we have thought this was an enchilada? Absolutely not. Would we get it again? 10 times out of 10.

Mi Pueblito

Eastie is the go-to spot in the city proper for authentic Hispanic food, and Mi Pueblito is one of the reasons why it has that reputation. Whether you are going for a quick bite, a late brunch, or for drinks, Mi Pueblito has you covered. Another spot known for their pupusas, these bad boys rival any other pupuseria in Boston.

If you are looking for a brunch spot, Mi Pueblito is bringing the goodness with a large drink menu which includes our favorite, micheladas ( A.K.A. Bloody Mary beer). They also serve up bomb huevos rancheros. The eggs are covered in a tasty breakfast salsa and homemade crema. When it comes to table salsas, Mi Pueblito brings you not just one, but two. There is a green salsa that is light and refreshing, and a chunky salsa fresca. Complimentary chips and salsa is one of the quickest ways to our hearts.

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