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When people think of lobster, Maine is probably the first state to come to mind. Maine even has lobsters on their license plates. When people think of Connecticut they think “the backyard of NY.” It’s usually the one that people forget when listing the states of New England. However, we won’t discount this when it comes to talking about lobster rolls.

Both lobster roll styles, Maine and Connecticut, have the same base– a warm, toasted hot dog roll. The key difference is in how the lobster is prepared.

Connecticut Style

Connecticut style is served hot and buttered. The sweetness with the butter paired with the sweetness of the lobster creates an ultra-indulgent taste that will have your mouth watering and craving more. Let’s be real, anything covered in hot butter is going to be bomb. Historically speaking, lobster rolls were created in Connecticut, so this is the OG style.

Maine Style

Maine style is served cold with mayonnaise, almost like a chicken salad. There may be lemon juice and celery added, but in the end, the simpler the better. The cold lobster on a hot summer day just feels right.

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We love both styles, but if you ask a New Englander you will get a different answer for everyone you ask. People are drawn to how they grew up. if you grew up going to the Cape and got Maine style lobster rolls, you will fight that to the death. As long as the lobster is fresh and the portions are generous, count us in!

The Best Side Orders

As a bonus, we will give you a few of our favorite side orders to get at your local seafood shack:

Stuffed Clams – Although this is seafood, it is definitely not a health food. Steamed clams are chopped up and mixed with breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, parsley, and other spices. This combination is then baked and served hot. Think of it as the seafood version of Thanksgiving stuffing.

Clam Chowder – Another New England classic. Just like lobster rolls, there are different versions, each of which have their own cult followings. We prefer our chowders thick. The closer that the chowder broth resembles gravy the better. Others out there like it thin and watery. Either way, this is one menu item that we can never pass up. 

Clam Cakes –  This is a Rhode Island speciality. Clam cakes are essentially seafood Munchkins (or “donut holes” for those of you not from New England). All they are battered and fried clam balls. These are dangerously poppable and you can easily crush an entire bag in a matter of minutes.

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