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Beer garden season is upon us in Boston, and we have the spots to go for the best vibes and the best beers. The summer of 2021 is going to be the summer of the beer garden, so stay tuned for additional updates.

Trillium Fenway and Greenway

One of the best breweries in New England (and we would go as far to say in the world) just keeps opening up new location after new location. Two of the absolute best spots to grab some of their delicious nectar are Trillium’s Greenway and Fenway beer gardens. If you are looking to grab drinks before or after the game, but want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Landsdowne, then walk a few blocks and enjoy their sprawling setup. Located in front of Time Out Market (which is hopefully opening back up soon), there are endless food options to go down with their ultra juicy IPAs and milkshake-like stouts.

The Greenway location was once the ideal after-work drink spot for those grinding in the Financial District. Even if you aren’t going back to the office anytime soon, it’s worth taking a trip. With views of the harbor in the heart of the Greenway, it is accessible from pretty much anywhere downtown.

Dorchester Brewing Company

This one isn’t a beer garden (so we are cheating a bit), but DBC has a rooftop deck with amazing views of the city skyline. Just a short drive from downtown, DBC has a great selection of beers and ciders. M&M BBQ is the current resident in the kitchen, and we hope they stay there for a long time. Their dumpster fries are essentially if Texans invented poutine. The fries are topped with heaps of smoked chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce, resulting in a combination that brings out the best in their beers.

DBC offers flights (which nowadays are hard to come by) that give you the opportunity to try their diverse offerings on tap. If you are going with a crew who aren’t beer lovers, they also have their own ciders which taste like straight apple juice from the box. The rooftop deck has outdoor seating, but it also features a glass greenhouse for those chillier spring and summer nights.

Owl’s Nest

When it comes to breweries, Night Shift is a Boston mainstay. They have been killing the game for years and have something for everyone. Not only can you enjoy beers at their huge brewery in Everett, but they are also boasting two beer gardens on the Charles.

Have you ever been biking or running on the Esplanade and thought to yourself, “I would love a spot to grab some cool refreshing beer”? Well, this summer you can, with their Esplanade location opening up. Additionally, they have another “nest” in Allston along the Charles. Both of these locations are perfect if you are looking to have that “out of the city” feel while barely having to leave the comfort of your own home. If you are feeling extra ambitious you can walk/bike the Charles between the two locations.

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