Burrito Guide – Western Mass

Although Chipotle and Taco Bell have cult followings (And don’t get us wrong, they make a perfectly good burrito), we are here to tell you about some of the top local burrito joints in Western Mass. In this guide, we have compiled all of the best spots to fill that Mexican food craving.

Mission Cantina

Anything that Mission Cantina does, they do it exceptionally well. The proof is in the pudding (Or in this case, the lines). Even with two bars, you can still expect a wait every weekend, but the wait is well worth it. It’s hard not to start off your meal with their three homemade salsas, guac, and a margarita. From the ridiculously-loaded nachos, to their tightly wrapped burritos, you really cannot go wrong. Getting a drink here is a must, as Mission squeezes all of their own juices, constantly rotating the menu depending on what is in season.

Bueno y Sano

According Bueno they have been “Rolling Fatties Since 1993,” and it sure shows. Here you will not get your classic Mission-style burrito, but instead a fresh interpretation. Their smoked brisket burrito is a powerful punch of Tex-Mex straight to your taste buds. If you are feeling something on the lighter side, their fresh salads will put Sweetgreen to shame.

The real differentiating factor at Bueno is the salsa bar. These house made salsa are robust and will leave your mouth watering for more. If you live life on the spicy side, then their “hot” brings the heat while still maintaining its flavor profile. They also offer a rarely-seen salsa verde which is executed to perfection.

El Comalito

Located directly across from the Mission Cantina is El Comalito, and these guys are no slouch when it comes to great food. Not only can you get your burrito fill here, but El Comalito is also serving up authentic El Salvadorian classics. We highly recommend any of the tamales, because who doesn’t love corn dough stuffed with any myriad of fillings, all wrapped nicely in a corn husk. If that isn’t your style, we recommend trying the cassava, which is fried yucca root (A typical street food in El Salvador).

And yes, we know what you were all wondering. El Comalito has a great drink selection with a variety of margaritas that are sure to jump start your night.

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