Burrito & Taco Guide Pt. 5 – Boston

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**If you missed any of the previous installments in our Boston burrito & taco guide, check out part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 as well!

If you haven’t read the previous five parts of our guide then check them out (links are above)!

The three spots highlighted in part five are just as fire as any of the previous places that we’ve highlighted, so don’t sleep on them!

Tacos El Barbon

El Barbon has taken the Boston taco scene by storm– and if you haven’t already, check out our exclusive interview!

What sets El Barbon apart is the flavor profile. Whether it is traditional birria tacos or birria ramen, you will be getting a taste of Jalisco, Mexico. There are a ton of people jumping on the birria trend right now, but many of these people haven’t been to Jalisco, or better yet, have any family roots there. Beyond tacos, El Barbon is bringing other Mexican favorites like the vampiro, a serious tequila drink that will knock you off your feet. They also have a crowd pleaser chamoy dip. Chamoy is a fruity dip that lines your margarita glass, roll that in tajín and you just took your marg to the next level. 

We said that El Barbon’s flavors were authentic, but the creations he is cooking up are fusions from cultures all across the globe. The two marquee fusion items are the birria ramen and birria pizza. We could describe how these are the perfect marriage of cultures, and how they bring together flavors which you never knew you needed, but really, you should just try them for yourself. So, how do you get your hands on some of this good good? El Barbon operates out of a ghost kitchen. He announces when he is firing up the grills via Instagram, so make sure to have his notifications on!

Casa Verde

This hidden gem in Jamaica Plain is an ideal brunch or date night spot. With spring right around the corner, you can plant yourself on the patio and keep the drinks flowing. All of their margs are delicious, but if you are looking to take your Sunday Funday up a notch, there is a shot and a beer special.

Casa Verde is more than just a good vibe with good drinks– their tacos are out of this world. The diablo shrimp taco has a hair raising kick that brings to life succulent shrimp and is complemented by fresh pineapple. One of the biggest sins at a Mexican joint is dry carnitas, and Casa Verde’s carnitas are the complete opposite of that. They are crazy juicy with tons of flavor. What really separates Casa Verde from the rest of the pack are their homemade tortillas. These truly bring together all of the flavors in their tacos.

Mi Salvador Mexicano

Chelsea has a treasure trove of great hispanic cuisine just waiting to be discovered. At the top of your list should be Mi Salvador Mexicano. Their tortas are a force to be reckoned with, served with a large knife down the middle (you are going to need it). Their al pastor is brimming with fruity notes from the large chunks of pineapple that are roasted along with the meat. The tacos are served traditional-style with onions, cilantro, and radish on the side. An added bonus is that they come with a full roasted pepper and onion.

Now, this wouldn’t be a burrito and taco guide if we didn’t talk burritos. Mi Salvador burritos are loaded with huge chunks of avocado and no shortage of delicious meat. To finish off the burrito, it is thrown on the grill giving it that nice char on the outside that your average burrito lacks.

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