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hot chocolate boston

When it is wintertime in New England, if you are leaving the comfort of your warm house, it better be for a good reason. This is why today we are telling you about our favorite spots to grab a hot chocolate to keep you warm when it is cold outside.


With a name like Cacao we would be greatly disappointed if they were serving up anything less than a rich thicc chocolatey creation. They also have a spicy version if you are looking for hot chocolate with a twist. This is the flavor combination your palate didn’t know it needed. If you are looking for something a little more decadent then look no further than the dark hot chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for you, right?

Beyond chocolate, Cacao has all the sweet treats that you could possibly dream of. If you can think of it, they probably have it chocolate covered. In the summer time, Cacao has killer smoothies like dark chocolate peanut butter and frozen hot chocolate. We heed warning for those with a severe sweet tooth.

JP Licks

A local Boston chain, JP Licks is known more for their ice cream than anything else, and that is for good reason. Their flavors are ridiculous and the ice cream has that high quality ice cream shop consistency that can’t be replicated in the freezer aisle. However, this post isn’t about ice cream– it’s about hot chocolate. You’ll be glad to know that just like how they crush the ice cream game, LP Licks’ hot chocolate is also made with love. Like any good hot chocolate, it is oozing rich chocolate as if you are drinking a melted chocolate bar. This is a seriously rich heartwarming cup of hot cocoa.

Caffé Vittoria

Located in the North End where every shop is either a cafe, bakery, or Italian restaurant, the options can be overwhelming at times. There are the mainstays, Bova’s, Mike’s Pastry, etc. but Caffé Vittoria is a CAN’T miss. The best way to describe their hot chocolate is liquid lava cake. It seriously tastes like you melted down a lava cake and put it into a cup. We have no idea how they do it, but we are happy to be able to drink it! Conveniently located next to Mike’s Pastry, you can grab your cannoli and wash it down with a hot chocolate.

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