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Donuts are as American as apple pie, and we can’t think of many things we enjoy more than taking a bite of a piping hot donut that melts in your mouth. Today, we are going to cover the CAN’T miss “donut kings” of the Bay.

Bob’s Donuts

Do you ever crave something sweet after the bars close, but it’s 2 A.M. and nothing is open? Well don’t fret! Bob’s has you covered, as they are cranking out donuts 24/7. And we’re talking fresh donuts at 2 A.M., not donuts left over from the morning before. These are always piping hot and ready to soak up all of the alcohol in your stomach. Unlike most donut shops, you can expect a longer line at 2 A.M. than at 10 A.M.! So be warned, the line for donuts might be longer than the line for the bar!

If you are trying to channel your inner “Man v. Food,” they have a donut challenge where you have to finish a ridiculously-sized donut (Larger than your head) in under 2 minutes. Since Bob’s is constantly cranking out fresh donuts, you never know what treats they will have on your visit

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse 

If Bob’s is the dive bar of the donut world, then Mr. Holmes is the hip rooftop bar that has a 3 week wait to get a table. Just like a rooftop bar is worth the wait for its views, Mr. Holmes is worth the wait for the donuts, complete with their imaginative fillings (And not to mention their patented cruffins).

If you want a cruffin, you better get there early. People line up down the block for these tasty creations, and they have a limited supply. A pro tip: If you only want donuts and other breakfast treats then you can skip the line and walk right in!

The fillings are what really steal the show. Both the cruffins and the donuts have killer fillings. A few examples are bourbon peaches & cream,  salty kaya & passionfruit, and brownie batter & hazelnut. These fillings elevate these to a new level, and they put any other donuts to shame.

But to really bury the lead here, you are probably wondering what the hell a cruffin is? Well, it’s a croissant and muffin mixed all-in-one. This is truly something you need to try for yourself, and a treat that lives up the hype. It is all the flaky, doughy-ness you love in a croissant in the form factor of a muffin. The cruffins are also filled to the brim with their out-of-this-world fillings.

Dynamo Donut + Coffee

If you thought the Mission district just had killer Mexican food then you were sorely mistaken. Dynamo Donut + Coffee is serving up donut combinations that you wont find anywhere else. They have a killer mainstay line up with donuts such as passionfruit chocolate milk and maple bacon apple, but they also have monthly specials which you won’t want to miss. Dynamo is also the perfect spot if you are looking to relax and rest your legs while enjoying a delicious donut. They have a rooftop deck, and although it may only be on the second story, it still counts! If you are on the go, they have a convenient walk-up counter. Either way, Dynamo is a cant-miss stop on your donut tour of San Francisco.

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