Brewery Guide Pt. 2 – Portland

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We’re back for round two of our brewery guide to Portland (You can find part one here).

We can’t think of anything more New England than drinking a hazy, juicy beer on a brisk fall day as the leaves fall around you. So get in your cars and make your way up the coast to the brewery capital of the world. PART TWO!

Foundation Brewing

Located in the same strip as Battery Steele, Allagash, and Definitive, is one of the OG’s of the industrial park– Foundation. With a large outdoor patio, this is a perfect stop on a day of brewery hopping.

Yes, they have great New England juice bombs, but so does every spot in Portland. Sometimes you need to switch it up. Foundation is also cranking out high quality sours. Their Jam series is made up of extremely balanced sours that aren’t going to make your mouth pucker like a Warhead, but will bring some kick. You could call them the “Sour Patch Kids of beer,” bringing sweetness from the fruit with a hint of sourness to fully round out the brew.

Austin Street

Also located at the Mount Olympus of craft beer (AKA the Allagash beer plaza) is Austin Street Brewery. Like those breweries before it (Bissel Brothers), Austin Street has expanded its presence beyond the original location on Industrial Way. They now have a new main brewery located in downtown.

Austin Street offers a solid range of beers. We recommend anything juicy, as they deliver the full-bodied mouth feel that one expects from a NEIPA

Liquid Riot

Liquid Riot not only has great beer, but it is also a distillery, which means it has out-of-this-world mixed drinks. This is the perfect spot for a mixed group of beer lovers and beer haters. The ambience is second to none, with large leather couches to get comfy, or high top tables if you are looking for a higher energy atmosphere. Liquid Riot can be a chill spot to grab some drinks, or a great vibe to start the night.

Not to bury the lead, but they are boasting a waterfront deck in the back. Who doesn’t love a brew and a view? With drinks for every type of person, dank food, and a killer atmosphere, Liquid Riot is always a good time.

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