Date Night Guide to Seaport Pt. 2

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Seaport has taken over Back Bay as the go-to spot for date night, casual drinks, or just passing time on a weekend afternoon.

Located right on the harbor, it’s easy to see why this once desolate parking lot has turned into the hottest real estate in Boston.

In this guide, we’re going to go over the ideal Seaport date night to impress that certain someone.

If you haven’t seen our original guide to Seaport, make sure to check it out after this for more ideas.


Trillium is the ideal place to start date night. This legendary Boston brewery has some of the best beers in the city, as well as frozé and wine for the non-beer lovers.

The food menu at Trillium can stand up to any spot in the Seaport. Whether you are there for the $1 oyster specials, fat burgers, or their cheese and gravy smothered poutine, the culinary side won’t disappoint.

In the summer, they have one of the rare rooftops in Boston. The IPAs here are your classic New England haze bombs. Trillium also specializes in dessert stouts that taste more like cold brew coffee than beer. And if you give a non-beer fan one of their sours, they would think they are having a fruit smoothie.


Davio’s is one of the O.G. steakhouses in Boston. But now, Davio’s has now spread across New England and has locations across the country. Back Bay is their original location, but Seaport is the crown jewel. Right on the water, you get harbor views while getting to eat some of the best steak in Boston.

The steaks are aged 55 days, which results in ultra-tender meat that cuts like a hot knife through butter. Our go to is the ribeye, a fattier cut (and as we all know fat = flavor).

When you see spring rolls on a steakhouse menu you may find it odd, but give these a shot because they aren’t like the ones from your local Chinese spot.

We loved their Philly steak and cheese spring roll. You get all that warm, cheesy gooeyness in one small bite.


After grabbing beers at Trillium and a nice steak at Davio’s, getting a nightcap at Seaport’s hottest speakeasy only feels right.

This speakeasy isn’t to hard to find though. There’s usually a line out the door to get in.

After walking through a fridge door, Borrachito opens up to a 50’s-style bar and lounge.

They have a diverse mezcal list and tons of creative drinks along with it.

The michelada at Borrachito is a classed up version of a Mexican classic. And they line their glasses in chamoy, which is extremely hard to find in Boston.

Borrachito is the ideal vibe to end a perfect date night in Boston’s Seaport.

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