Fried Chicken in Boston – Pt. 1

best chicken sandwiches boston

We love a good fried chicken sandwich. In the Boston area, you can find many different types from Korean fried chicken to Nashville hot chicken– and everything in between.

Underdog Hot Chicken (Allston)

If you are looking for an authentic southern hot chicken experience in Boston– this is as close as you’ll get without booking a trip to Nashville.

What sets Underdog apart from other fried chicken sandwich places is how they use chicken tenders instead of the breast. This results in an extra-crispy and extra-juicy experience. Their menu is simple with three combos to choose from and a few sides. This ensures that what they are putting out is quality every time.

We thought the “medium” brought the perfect amount of heat, without leaving us begging for a gallon of milk to ease the pain. For sides, we went with fried pickles. These were lightly fried and paired with their homemade comeback sauce.

For a pure play hot chicken sandwich, you gotta try Underdog.

Fiya Chicken (Allston)

Just down the street from Underdog is Fiya Chicken, who are frying up a completely different fried chicken sandwich experience. This Asian/American fusion focuses more on the sauce game than the heat. The sauce game here is strong, with varieties such as spicy Korean, soy garlic, honey mustard, and Fiya style.

We’ve tried them all. And picking just one would be like choosing a favorite child (BUT if we had to… then we would go with the soy garlic). With a sweetness from brown sugar, a saltiness from soy sauce, and a little kick from ginger, this sauce hits all of our major cravings in one fell swoop. For a more traditional flavor profile, the homemade honey mustard is a great way to dip your toes in. And for heat addicts, the spicy Korean and Fiya style will scratch that itch. The Korean method of frying chicken is a double frying at a lower temperature for that extra crunch. And you’ll notice the difference.

Also– don’t sleep on their Korean corn dogs which are loaded with cheesy goodness.

Haley Janes (Financial District, High Street Place Food Hall)

Born from the burger powerhouse, Wheelhouse, this weekly fried chicken special was so popular they realized it needed its own concept.

Where the first two spots specialize on a certain style of fried chicken sandwich, Haley Janes does it all. Here you can get a Korean style fried chicken sandwich, Nashville hot, and even a buffalo hot honey. After trying one for ourselves we realized why Wheelhouse patrons were asking for these chicken sandwiches on the reg.

If you’re grabbing a drink at High Street Food Hall after work, not stopping by for a fried chicken sandwich would be a mistake!

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