Where to Watch the World Cup and USMNT in Boston, MA

With the World Cup around the corner (and most of the USA games being at 2 P.M.) we’re here to share with you the best spots to skip work and cheer on the USMNT. Get those sick notes ready, because it’s been 8 long years since we were last in the World Cup.

The Banshee ( Dorchester)

One of the hottest soccer spots in Boston, The Banshee is the official home of the Boston branch of the American Outlaws. The American Outlaws is a USMNT support group (A.K.A. the shirtless guys in body paint who are banging drums behind the net in the middle of Ohio winter). The atmosphere for World Cup games won’t get any more electric than here. This also means you’ll have to get here early to get a half-decent seat. If you’re looking to spend the game singing songs and drinking pints, this is the spot for you.

For non-national team games, you can find supporters of Chelsea, Man City, and other Premier League clubs here.

The Phoenix Landing

One of the top soccer pubs in Boston, you will find The Phoenix Landing just as packed at 9 A.M. for a Premier League game as it is at 9 P.M. We want to warn you ahead of time that this is a Liverpool supporters’ bar– which in the past may not have been an issue– but as we know, this season there’s not the same ‘shine’ around the team. This historic venue is guaranteed to be buzzing during all three game days. Just make sure not to show up in your Everton or United kit.

Honorable Mentions and Other Spots:

We also have a few honorable mentions. These are Parlor Sports in Somerville and The Dubliner in Government Center. The American Outlaws will be hosting select watch parties at those bars as well. Side note, if you’re looking for authentic Irish food and a great pint of Guinness, The Dubliner is as good as it gets in Boston.

P.S. – there are going to be additional watch parties for the USA vs. England game on Black Friday at the House of Blues and a watch party hosted by the New England Revolution at Royale.

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