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“Fast casual” is a style of dining that has exploded in recent years. Panera was one of the leaders in the category. But now, there are so many more options including a ton of local Boston spots to get high quality food during the lunch hour.

Pressed Cafe

Pressed might be the only spot you can find a steak bomb panini, shakshuka, and a french breakfast burrito all in the same place. Usually we are weary when one place has too big of a menu. However, Pressed kills it with whatever they are serving, no matter which location. Everytime we’ve had food from here (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) it has been

You can grab your food to-go or chill out and have a drink at the bar. They have an extensive breakfast burrito menu that is served all day. Our favorite is Spanish style, which is dripping with gooey cheese and filled with fresh veggies. If you are looking for something more exotic, they have shakshuka that is as good as some that we’ve had in Israel. This is definitely a dish that you want to have in person.

Fitting to the name, the paninis at Pressed are no joke. These will have you leaving full and happy.


If Pressed is “Panera on steroids” then Tatte is “Starbucks on steroids.” And it certainly feels like there are just as many Tatte locations as Starbucks around Boston these days. Tatte is a great place if you are looking for a high quality breakfast or lunch on-the-go. And they have built an atmosphere where you can do some work while enjoying one of their many fresh pastries.

Tatte has a European vibe. Their sandwiches aren’t going to be over the top, but what they lack in portion size they more than make up for with quality ingredients and flavor. They also have a great shakshuka if you are trying to switch it up from your traditional breakfast. Our two favorite items on the menu are the prosciutto and fig sandwich, and the short rib grilled cheese. These are on two opposite ends of spectrum. One is light while the other is decadent. There is something here for everyone and on every occasion. 


Pressed and Tatte have thrived in the Boston food scene, and have since expanded beyond. Cobblestones, however, is the new kid on the block. And if we had to guess, they will be following in their footsteps.

Cobblestones makes everything in-house. So, whether you are enjoying a moist chocolate cake or trying to stay on the healthier side with a salad, you can rest assured no corners were cut. For us, the real winners are their sandwiches. The bread has that crunchy outside that you can only get from bakery bread. And any meat that is not cooked in-house is sourced from a local father and son meat smoker.

The Colonial is a classic turkey bacon sandwich, but it is elevated to another level of goodness. The bacon is thick cut, and the turkey is not your Boar’s Head deli slice. To cap it off, the pesto aioli adds that little extra something. Cobblestones is a true neighborhood establishment that we could eat at everyday.

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