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We are sugar addicts here, and there are some fixes that can only be met by a quality bakery cookie. Today, we are going to give you three of our favorite spots to grab cookies we just can’t seem to replicate at home.

Clear Flour Bakery

Clear Flour is number one on our list because of its versatility. They always have banging cookies, but they also have a full bakery. Here, you can get a homemade baguette or a rich creamy cheesecake. Typically, they always have a classic chocolate chip cookie in the lineup as well as a few rotating flavors. Their cookies are what we call a “hybrid.” They are not super thin and crispy, and they are not over-the-top fluffy either. Clear Flour cookies fall right in the middle, and they give you the best of the both worlds.

If you are looking to pick up the goods on a weekend morning– beware. Although this is a small hole-in-the-wall, all of the locals know about this spot, so you can expect a long line.

Levain Bakery

Levain is our cookie spot when we feel like treating ourselves. Is it crazy to pay $5 for a cookie? Yup. Do we ever regret getting these? Not at all.

Levain is cranking out cookies all day, which means it’s more than likely yours will still be warm and gooey. The cookies here are thick and gooey filled with plenty of chocolate chips. Chocolate chip is their staple and they always have a few rotating options. During our visit they had Rocky Road, which had a chocolate base cookie filled with warm, gooey marshmallow.

Levain is as close as it gets to our last spot “Feed The Cheeks,” which is by far one of our favorite cookies of all time.

Feed The Cheeks

We’ve saved the best for last. Feed The Cheeks, which started as a delivery-only cookie service around Boston and Providence, now has a full-time storefront. Unfortunately for us Boston locals, it’s in Providence. Still, Feed the Cheeks is worth the drive for true cookie lovers.

Their cookies are that extra thick and gooey kind. We are talking like 2 to 3 inch thickness for these. A lot of times we have cookies that we can easily replicate at home. But in this case, we have tried and have failed on multiple occasions. Their core flavors are chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip, and birthday cake. We’ve also had a cookies and cream, which was cookie inception! There were Oreos crushed up inside of another cookie, resulting in a ridiculously sweet and creamy creation.

If you are making the trip down then you might as well get a box and try them all!

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