Sushi Guide Pt. 2 – Boston, MA

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There is no shortage of great sushi around Boston. Sushi is versatile. It can be a quick bite on-the-go, a hole-in-the-wall hang out, or a fancy date night. In this guide, we are going to touch upon all three levels.


This is hands-down one of the coolest decorated restaurants we have been to. From the outside, Fugakyu doesn’t look like much. But when you walk in, you are transported to a starry night in Japan. From floor to ceiling there is bamboo, stone, and classic Japanese architecture. The ceiling is a creamy indigo with swirling galaxies and shining stars.

The only thing that tops the look of the place is the quality of their fish. The presentation is exquisite. We had salmon from the springs of Mt. Fuji. This came on a plate with dry ice pouring out from under the fish. The salmon was melt in your mouth delicious. Here, even the basics are prepared with care and filled with only top quality fish. You would be hard pressed to find an overall better sushi experience. 

Fish Market

Fish Market is your hole-in-the-wall local sushi spot which you can visit time and time again for good rolls. When one of the few tables inside are open, we love to stop by and have sake with our sushi.

Their truffle and chili oil on top of the flying dragon maki takes this roll to the next level. The dynamic flavors make the raw shrimp on the top of this roll come alive. Fish Market offers cheap but quality hand rolls. The spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls are both under $6, which is a value that can’t be beat anywhere else.


If Fugakyu is at the high end of the sushi scale, and Fish Market is your local spot to grab a quick roll, then Momento falls right in between. This is the perfect spot for a casual date night, or a place to grab sushi with some friends.

Memento has a very clean, modern look to it. All white, with large windows from floor to ceiling, the vibes here are great. On top of a robust sushi menu, they also have a full bar with a cocktail menu full of creative Japanese-inspired drinks. The lychee martini here is a fresh take on a classic. Also, the salmon and tuna avocado rolls are packed with fat pieces of sushi meat. Lastly, the 399 roll is covered in slices of tuna and salmon and filled with a spicy mayo crab mix which brings a subtle kick.

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