Sandwich Guide – Boston


There are so many ways to sandwich. You have your classic subs, Mexican-style tortas, and so many other mouth-watering varieties. Today, we are going to share three of our favorite spots– from Italian classics to island specialties.


Hands down our favorite spot to get a classic sub-style sandwich in Boston. Located down a narrow alley, if you aren’t keeping your eye out for Bricco you can easily walk right by it. The key to their sandwiches is their bread. Next to the main store and down a set of stairs is their bakery. Here they have perfected the art of the sub roll. The outside of the bread is crunchy with a soft and chewy interior.

The meatball sub offered here is our favorite in Boston. They are made from scratch and extremely moist, packing tons of flavor. Pretty much everything here is homemade, so you really can’t go wrong.

The market has everything Italian that you could possibly want, from cured meats to fresh pastas. This is the ideal spot to grab a little bit of everything and enjoy a picnic on the Greenway just down the street.

La Victoria

We feel that tortas are one of the most disrespected members of the sandwich food kingdom. These Mexican delicacies can go toe-to-toe with any great sandwich in our book. The tortas at La Victoria are as good as they come. They are loaded with beans, tomato, jalapeƱo, tomato, avocado, chipotle mayo and queso. The Victoria is their headliner, which includes all the works, smoked ham, and super juicy carnitas. The bread is toasty, and the cheese is melty as can be. With this being a Mexican spot, don’t forget you can also get fire tacos and burritos here too.


When we walked into Pikalo we were expecting them to have a strong empanada game (which they did) but what we weren’t expecting was to have one of the best clubs of our lives.

This was not your average deli club, other than the fact that it was cut into quarters. Our sandwich was loaded with pulled chicken, pulled pork, and ham. All of that was smothered with sauces and cheese. Each bite was a flavor explosion coming from all angles. The pulled chicken and pork were super tender, and all of the sauces were the cherry on top.

The empanadas here were not the ones you expect from a traditional spot. They had cheese pizza, a bolognese, and many more varieties. We tried the buffalo chicken. The empanada was golden brown on the outside and sizable. The inside was filled with cheese, chicken, and buffalo sauce. Our best comparison is a classy Hot Pocket.

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