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With Boston having so many great options for sushi it can be hard to decide where to go. We have two hole-in-the-wall spots for you with some of the finest sushi you will ever try, and we’ll even let you in on where to get sushi in a basement. Yeah, these are far from the upscale sushi spots you’ll go for a date night, but if you really want the good stuff you have to look outside of your normal boundaries. Take this as your guide to the underground sushi scene of Boston!

Maruichi Japanese Food & Deli

From the street this looks like a Japanese market, but inside is some of the best sushi we’ve had anywhere. From a small stall in the middle of the store, a sushi chef whips out pre-made sushi to-go. It’s always a surprise going in because you never know what exactly they’ll have on any given day. From a whole bluefin tuna they butcher on site, to A5 wagyu, Maruichi always has something up their sleeve. We constantly have our eyes on their Instagram page to see what’s coming in the shop (when we saw the massive bluefin we got there as fast as we could).

The sashimi bowl has loads of the delish tuna as well as salmon, yellowtail, sea urchin, toro, and salmon roe. This was the definition of “melt-in-your-mouth.” The freshness of the tuna was unlike anything we’ve had before with an almost meaty taste to it. The roe was addicting, as it exploded in our mouths which made each bite almost like salmon boba. The sea urchin is an acquired taste, but the salty paste-like texture complimented the rest of the fish.

Maruichi also has one of our favorite ramen spots coming soon. It is truly a fine dining experience inside of a market. 

Oppa Sushi

There is no shortage of sushi spots in Allston/Brighton, and this one is easy to miss if you are just walking by it. Located in the basement level of the building, Oppa seemingly blends into the street. However, this is a spot you do not want to miss.

Walking through the door, you have to watch your head as you drop below street level into a cozy, small room. They then greet you with a piping hot bowl of miso soup. We decided to try something outside of our normal order and tried “the pink lady,” which looked like it was wrapped in Pepto Bismol when it came to our table (this turned out to be soybean). It was filled with a combination of salmon, avocado, mango, and cream cheese. Somehow, this unusual combination worked perfectly. The rainbow maki had all the hits in one roll with salmon, tuna, and white fish. It’s the perfect roll for when you aren’t quite sure which one to choose. Oppa has high quality rolls at affordable prices and a vibe that is unique to any other sushi spot we have been to. We definitely recommend checking it out.

San Soo Kap Soo Sushi

This next spot is a food court, but don’t let that deter you. This isn’t the first spot from the H-Mart food court in Burlington that we have featured on the blog. The food court here is legendary, with fire pho and ramen as well. From afar it might look like your typical grocery grab-and-go sushi, but like Maruichi Street this sushi is straight butter. Each to-go container is carefully crafted, with bright, vibrant fish that has been expertly sliced. The salmon here has that glossy, fresh shine to it and was extremely soft in the mouth. For us, it’s not just the sushi. The little things matter too. The ginger here is super fresh, extra crispy, and has a slight bite to it that compliments the fish.

So, after a day of shopping– stop at the food court for your sushi fix.

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