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One of our favorite breakfast sandwiches is lox. There is something about the combination of cream cheese and salty salmon with veggies that can’t be beat on a Sunday morning. Finding a good lox sandwich can be hard to do– luckily we’ve done the groundwork for you and have three killer “loxs” around Boston.

Kupel’s Bakery

Kupel’s is by far the best lox we have had in Boston, and no other spot even comes close. This comes as no surprise as they are in downtown Brookline. If you aren’t bringing fire lox then you will not last long in the unofficial Jewish capital of Boston. They do not skimp on the lox, as these are absolutely loaded (there might be a whole salmon on these things).

The lox are the star of the show, but the supporting cast should also be nominated for some awards. The bagels are thick– we are talking NYC quality– and the cream cheese is super decadent. The power combo is jalapeño cream cheese with capers and the works. All of their cream cheeses bring a ton of flavor, and the jalapeño is no exception. The spice along with the creamy and salty is a party for your taste buds. Make sure you are getting there early on the weekends because this is far from a hidden gem, and the lines will be out the door!

Katz Bagel Bakery

 A Jewish bagel-making family in Chelsea?? Now that is a sentence we never thought we would hear. We love Chelsea for some of the best burritos in the area, but we were not expecting bagels and lox. If the sign outside of Katz looks old and weathered, well, it’s because they have been in the bagel business since 1938.

Their claim to fame may be the pizza bagel, but the fresh bagels and spreadable lox are a creation we did not know existed, but now can’t live without. Also known as Miami lox, this is essentially cream cheese that has lox churned into it. Because Katz is technically a bakery and not a restaurant, you have to spread it yourself (which wasn’t a problem since we got bagels that were fresh out of the oven). These bagels were still steaming when they were given to us, and we did not get there at the crack of dawn. Katz is constantly cranking out fresh bagels and that difference really shows. 

Pavement Coffeehouse

The best ability is availability, and there are no shortage of Pavements across Boston. All jokes aside, Pavement has some solid breakfast sandwiches and a lox that will satisfy your craving. The bagels are homemade and the cream cheeses are packed with the flavor– but the big let down comes to the lox. Don’t get us wrong the lox are delicious, however we just wished they weren’t so stingy with their portions. There might be triple the amount of lox in a Kupel’s, and that’s not an exaggeration.

To pick one, the super fresh flavors of the lemon and dill cream cheese lox are the big winner here.

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