A Conversation With El Barbon

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We caught up with El Barbon to see what he’s been creating in his kitchen, and to hear about what events he has cooking up for the summer.

We first tried El Barbon’s birria tacos in the fall of 2020, and from the first bite we were hooked. His tacos are a first of their kind in Boston (and we know our tacos– just take a look at our other guides). With family recipes that have been passed down for generations, an El Barbon taco is truly one of a kind.

After our first interview with El Barbon, it seems that birria has blew up in Boston. Now it seems that every taco spot has come out with birria tacos, yet none of them can satisfy the same craving that we have for El Barbon. There is a palpable difference in the quality of ingredients and the knowledge of local flavors that others just can’t pull off.

El Barbon’s Journey & Big Summer Plans

Well, since our first conversation the “Taco King” has come a long way from a one-man shop running pop-ups from the house. El Barbon now has a team of 5 and is growing. Plus, they have big plans for the summer.

The most important question is: how can you get the goods?

Every Tuesday you can get your Taco Tuesday fix at The Cutting Board in Revere, MA. This will be El Barbon’s summer residency on Tuesdays (and possibly on Thursdays). El Barbon will also be joining the brewery circuit with some heavy hitters including the Sam Adams beer garden at Faneuil Hall. The beer godfathers of Boston will be brewing a special beer for El Barbon, only available on tap. They will use this beer as the base for micheladas (A.K.A. a Bloody Mary but with beer). You can also expect to find him at Nightshift, Lamplighter, Spicket River, Aurenaut, Bone Up, and Lord Hobo. 

And he hasn’t been slacking in the kitchen…

El Barbon has also been in the kitchen cooking up some delicious new tacos and other Mexican classics. He has perfected his al pastor taco. This means marinated pork and pineapples that slow cook on a trompo (a spinning rotisserie cooker). His carne asada has become a crowd favorite at catering events. For die-hard fans he has lengua and cabeza. That’s tongue and head (But don’t knock it until you try it!). For our vegan friends, El Barbon has got you covered with vegan options that will include tofu, jackfruit, and nopales (cactus). Outside of the taco world, he is now offering aguachile verde, which is essentially shrimp ceviche served on tortilla chips. It’s the perfect dish for a hot Boston summer day.

Don’t Forget the Drinks

Adding to his ultra alcoholic and delicious vampiros, the cantaritos will likely become another fan favorite. Served in a clay cup, they are made up of tequila (of course) and freshly-squeezed lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange juice. A true drink of the summer.

Find More on El Barbon

El Barbon is the hardest working taco slinger in town, and his tacos only seem to be getting better as he grows.

For more on El Barbon, check on their website as well as on Instagram


Can’t get enough? In case you missed it, here is our first interview with El Barbon.

And check out below for a taste of that mouth-watering birria:

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