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From sriracha to Tabasco, people love putting hot sauce on everything. With the explosion of hot sauce options at your local grocery store, it can be hard to choose. Some sauces are mild, while some have you running for the milk, and others just lack true flavor. Today, we sat down with Kamaal Jarrett, the man behind Hillside Hot Sauce (Hillside Harvest), the hot sauce company with something for every occasion.

Kamaal Jarrett is a true entrepreneur, and a shining example of how hard work and betting on yourself pays off. Growing up, while other kids might have been watching cartoons, Kamaal was watching cooking shows. With a career in product management at a coffee company, he knew that he could get in the kitchen (where he loves to be) and build a successful brand.

Early on, Kamaal was working his 9-5 while also launching Hillside. He wore every hat, from production in the kitchen, to sales, to delivery driver. At this point, he knew that if Hillside was going to take the next step, he had to take a big leap of faith and leave his steady income. Just a few months after launching into his first stores, he took that leap and dove head first into Hillside.

The Hot Sauce Flavors

Hillside has three flagship recipes, each with their own distinct flavor profile. Kamaal gave us a breakdown of the sauces:

  • Pineapple Fresno: Light and refreshing, with fresh Fresno pepper, organic pineapple juice, and a dash of sea salt. ** Trigger warning** It’s great on a Pineapple pizza. If you are looking to take your marg from normal to diablo, adding a couple of dashes of Pineapple Fresno will add that extra kick.

  • Original Hot Pepper: Kamaal’s favorite and the hottest of the three. This one takes your taste buds on a wild ride. It starts off citrusy and sweet, with notes of apple, honey, ginger, and lemon juice, then BAM you get kicked in the mouth with mounting heat. The sauce elevates to an 8/10 on the heat scale. This one is great with seafood because of the ginger and citrus. Oysters, shrimp, you name it, it works.

  • Sun Kissed Tomato: This flavor was added to the lineup for those who are looking for something more savory. This one has the Fresno pepper base (with seeds and all), olive oil, bell pepper, and sun dried tomatoes. This brings a nice, balanced heat with a zesty kick, which is offset by the creaminess that comes from the olive oil. This is an everyday sauce that goes with pretty much everything. Throw it on your mac n’ cheese or clam chowder. Looking for that kick for your Bloody Mary? Go ahead. This sauce has quickly become a fan favorite.

What’s Next?

Hillside Harvest is just getting started, as this spring, they are launching their line of marinades. The long term goal for Kamaal is to grow the brand beyond just hot sauces and marinades, and to be seen as a beacon for high quality, delicious products.

Check out Hillside Harvest on their website, as well as Facebook and Instagram!

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