A Conversation with Destiny’s Sweet Treats

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All of us knew that person in elementary school who loved to bake and brought in treats for everyone in the class. All of the kids loved it, and the teachers probably hated it (We can’t blame them for not wanting to deal with 20+ kids jacked up on sugar). Destiny (of Destiny’s Sweet Treats) was that girl. She loved making cupcakes, cookies, and really anything sweet– and she loved to share them with everyone.

So, what happens when those people grow up? Well, naturally they start their own cake businesses!

Destiny always had a passion for baking, but it seemed to be more of a hobby than a career path. Working and going to school full-time, Destiny had no time to even think about starting a business. However, when the pandemic hit, Destiny used this time to dive into the passion that she always had. 

Destiny’s cakes are as vibrant and colorful as her personality. For her, cakes are a creative outlet where she can showcase her talents. TV’s “Cake Boss” is one of her biggest inspirations, and her creations look like they could be sold at one of his storefronts. Whether you want bottles of tequila or dollar bills coming out of your cake, there is no challenge that she isn’t ready to take head on.

Destiny’s first cake was for her siblings’ birthday. After sharing the cake on her social media, the orders came flying in. Destiny attributes a lot of her early success to the tight knit community that she grew up with. This allowed her to have an immediate platform.

Now, since we are talking to a cake expert, we had to ask the age old question: Is an ice cream cake a cake?

The answer was a resounding “yes,” and Destiny added that they were some of her favorite types of cakes to make. For her, “If it is shaped like a cake, then call it a cake.”

There are big things on the horizon for Destiny as she looks go to to culinary school to continue to hone her craft and take her already amazing cake creation to the next level.

For more on her amazing cakes, find Destiny and Destiny’s Sweet Treats on Instagram!

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