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There is no better way to spend a weekend away from the city than taking a trip out to Lake Tahoe. Whether you want to spend the day on the slopes or on the slots, Tahoe has something for everyone. After a long day of hitting the powder, there is nothing more satisfying than cold beer.

South of North Brewing Company (formerly Outpost)

When it comes down to vibe, there are few breweries that have a better set up than South of North. They have a spacious outdoor area with plenty of fire pits to keep you warm, and lights running from end to end above your head give it that true “winter wonderland” feel. They even have a rooftop deck. It may only be one story high, but hey– it still counts! But enough about the ambience, their beer also holds its own. Wintertime is stout SZN and their horchata stout takes the cake, with tons of vanilla and cinnamon flavor. It will take you back to the taquerias of the Mission.

Sidellis Brewery & Restaurant

You never quite know what you are going to get on tap when you walk into Sidellis. They have a lineup of killer mainstays, but also have rotating seasonal beers which we never want to see go. For those of you who are fans of sours, Sidellis sours are a can’t miss. They even have barrel-aged sours, which you don’t see at your typical brewery. Aging in wine barrels adds a unique layer of flavor to this already delicious sour! When it comes to food, they have you covered with gourmet sandwiches. Whether it be a juicy French dip, or the house made pulled pork, these sandwiches pair perfectly with their beers.

Stateline Brewery & Restaurant

Stateline is a classic beer pub that has been a staple of South Tahoe for years. Just like any good beer pub, they have the munchies to fill you up after a long day on the hills. From fat burgers to poke, there is something here for everyone. The same goes for their alcohol selection. This is the perfect spot to go if you are traveling with picky drinkers, as they not only brew their delicious beer on the premises, but they also have a large craft cocktail list. Stateline is the type of place where you can unwind from the moment you get off the mountain all the way until last call.

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