Burrito Guide Pt. 3 – San Francisco

In part 3 of our burrito guide, we will explore all of the other magical taquerias in San Francisco which are not located in the Mission. This is the best of the rest.

El Super Burrito

Located on bustling Polk St., El Super Burrito lives up to its grand name. With burritos the size of a small child, they are indeed “super” and most definitely delicious. A Super Burrito is the perfect device to soak up any alcohol that might be in your stomach from a Polk St. bar crawl. Also, if you find yourself in the area during the morning, the breakfast burritos cannot be beat– boasting full potato wedges and veggies.


Pancho’s has two very unique qualities that set it apart from other joints in San Francisco:

1. Pitchers of beer for under $10

2. A Tex-Mex style burrito staring BBQ sauce.

With the spicy BBQ sauce and chili tortillas, this burrito brings the heat. If this still isn’t hot enough for you, you can bump it up a level with the Burrito Atomico. Either way, you can get some cheap cold beer to wash it down. Finally, although this is a burrito review, it must be mentioned that the tacos are must try due to the killer homemade tortillas.

La Playa Taqueria

If you find yourself by Ocean Beach or people watching in Golden Gate Park, this burrito joint will make you feel like you’re in Southern California. With a name like La Playa you better be serving up some bomb fish tacos– and they most definitely are. We highly recommend the mahi-mahi with the mango pico de gallo sauce which adds a level of complexity and flavor to these tasty treats. Grab a burrito to go and enjoy it with some sand between your toes.

Fun fact: It may be in the Sunset district but this area gets the least amount of sunlight in the city.

La Canasta

La Canasta is the definition of a hole-in-the-wall. Their awning states “Great Mexican food for take-out.” This is a spot-on statement because:

1. There is no inside seating.

2. It is great Mexican.

Although there burritos are top-notch, we highly recommend getting the Enchiladas Verde which are smothered in a delicious tomatillo sauce.

El Castillito

Last but not least is El Castillito, nestled in the Castro just outside of the Mission. This taqueria is “bringing the heat,” or more accurately, “bringing the sauce.” The Wet Burrito, drenched in a verde sauce and melty cheese, will have your mouth watering. You will definitely need a fork and knife for this one.

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